Your Tonal Signature

     Each voice is as unique a signature as a fingerprint. The voice is soul; the finger is body.
     The expression of one’s tone is vital in bringing forth a sound the Universe requires. Each vibration completes the cosmic field in its experience of Oneness and wholeness. Holding back the voice and expression not only diminishes the individual but also the experience of the greater whole. What you make up about yourself is just that… made up. It’s not truth. It’s the minds way of distraction and chaos. This is dissonance rather than resonance.
     Each one is not only a soul song but a signature that carries the compounded memory of wisdom. To diminish ones worth or song is to disregard the Source Consciousness that created it. To deem oneself as unworthy, not good enough, or unimportant is only the egos small minded, self-obsession. True genius has the ego step aside and does not manage, manipulate, control or force voice and expression. It just lets it flow. When one removes their small-minded bias and/or their self-inflated egos image… the purity and innocence of being may emerge. The method and medium do not matter… it is the willingness to experience and express that is of import.
     We are each part of a symphony and no one is allowed to be absent from this celebration. If you were to have been, you would not be alive. You not only chose to be here, this moment chose you to be. What do you have to say? Express? Sing? Speak? Write? Or, stand in? Bring it with full volume and illuminosity.
     Each voice caries a vital and necessary tone for the cosmic orchestra of the collective story. Humana Humana Humana
In Love…