Are You a Mystic or Visionary… ?

Is it possible that greats such as Rumi, Hafiz, Einstein and Aristotle were not so different from you, but their approach to life’s happenings were? What moves one from being a human or personality, to embodying the Mystic or Visionary? 
As humans, it is clear we get caught up in the story, wrapped up in the emotion, entangled amidst the thoughts. Focused upon what we believe is it hand, we do not realize that we are really caught up in the past, or the future wanting a certain outcome. In that reality there is a narrow picture. It becomes more mystifying than mystical. Although we call it ‘being human’, it is really just programmed personality. It is identity.
Identity is an interesting word because it is ‘id’ and ‘entity’. Id deals with ego, an uncoordinated part of ego that bridges the rest of ‘ego’. Entity is an apparition, a possession… an attachment of or to something. So, when in reaction, density and low vibration, we really are possessed by those ‘entities’ because ‘id’ has a particular stance based on personality. In those instances, we are not in the body, though it feels like it… we are outside the body… in someone else’s head/business/world/activity/actions.
And yet, we are to become aware of our thoughts and feelings on the inside. Its confusing, right? We are supposed to know these things in order to ‘Master’. The mastery of the mental body and the emotional body can only take place on the inside. As we move more deeply into the stillness within by tasting – touching – feeling- hearing – seeing – holding all that rests there, we find a different space. It is a deepened void; the open expanse of allowing sparks of inspiration and creativity may rise.
What is the Mystic? The Visionary?
It is in this place that the Mystic and the Visionary can be found. They witness and they understand the bigger picture. The Mystic has reverence and devotion to the beauty of both the fullness of heart and the barrenness of heartbreak. The Mystic beholds these two as one in the same, two sides of a coin that are necessary and promising of value. The Mystic integrates the breath and experience with Presence and Divinity. This steward of both, dark and Light holds the space as the breath inspires and exhales into life with inspiration.
The Visionary can see! The Visionary sees the overarching picture and what is possible. The Visionary sees the world as one and a greater good that is organically unfolding. The Visionary knows there is nothing to fix, but instead to delve into creating. Imagination, wonder and awe are heralded as the call of a true visionary because they can ‘see’ the sacredness, the soul, of all things.
How does one awaken to their Mystic and Visionary aspects?
Release your perspectives and your stories. Let go of your needs and demands. Embrace the fact that life ALWAY… yes ALWAYS is conspiring on your behalf. The heart only knows resonance… So it forever leads you to that. Every thing is always leading to that highest point of resonance. Sometimes that breakdown, that loss, that fall… that change is the very thing necessary to guide you to your true resonance.
You don’t feel what you’ve hardened your heart to. Open your heart. Without compassion, real true compassion, our world shall perish. Resonance arrives when we have care for the soul… our own, and the world soul. The heart must bleed the tears embedded for centuries within the earth… it must open and see its wounds of time… it must crack and break so the door of Awakened Divinity opens. This is the gift of the heart. It is a doorway to something… nothing… everything… all things. You have really only touched a part of your heart… None of us truly know our won soul. You have only allowed yourself to see bits and pieces of another’s heart. The world soul is waiting,
The ‘Gift’ and ‘Grace’ of Suffering…
No one wants to suffer. Everyone wants to question ‘why’ there is suffering. Buddha said ‘Life is suffering.’ When we have known this, why have we not embraced it and realized it must carry something necessary for us? Why do we believe we ‘chose’ the suffering? Why have we made ourselves victim of the ‘idea’ of suffering? Did you ever consider that ‘suffering’ is the ‘Gift’? Perhaps this GIFT, in whatever way it appears has come to allow us a choice.
Do not look at ‘human choices’ of action, non-action or reaction… nor judging, standing or speaking… not even fighting, changing or releasing but being Mystic or Visionary. Choose from that grander position… ‘COMPASSION’ is a ‘Choice’. ‘LOVE’ is a ‘Choice’. ‘TRUTH’ is a ‘Choice’. ‘ALIVENESS’ is a ‘Choice’. Own your ‘PRESENT’ and receive what’s ‘Inside’! Because, that is the greatest choice of all. Those are heart choices… Those are soul callings.
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