Awakening to More…

On one side, there is ‘dark of night’… On the other, is the dawning of new Light… In the middle, one can see a distinct line demarcating the two, yet they both exist simultaneously to create the full picture. What is missing? Necessary? Or being called for?     As we look to the world and see the distinct divisions between dark and Light in everything from religion to politics, the legal system to nature and the environment to research, we find division and separation. But these lines in the sand are really for bridging and uniting. Just as we have two eyes to see, we have two perspectives with which they can be approached. In the end, there is an opportunity to bring double vision into single sight. Through a blank canvas, two points of view can come into                     a-line-meant for greater good.
Are you looking at both sides of a situation in order to choose one or the other? Are you judging them? Or, are you willing to be the bridge of under-standing between the two, to create a new foundation from which to move. The work appears as if needing to be ‘out there’. It’s not. Miracles occur inside and reflect outside. Miracles are purely a shift in consciousness, no more no less. The world just lets you see what you think.
SIMRAN, host of Conscious Consumer Network Television’s The Rebel Road and Conversations With My Self is also host of Voice America’s 11:11 Talk Radio and publisher of award-winning 11:11 Magazine.
SIMRAN is also author of IPPY Gold Award winning Conversations With The UniverseYour Journey to Enlightenment and Your Journey to Love.
As Love Catalyst and Rebel Humanitarian, Simran is devoted to being the ‘Example’ for a New World Experience of Aliveness that is the integration of the Visionary and the Mystic held inside each person on the planet. She coaches/teaches people individually as a Life Matrix Mentor.