There is clutter in your life…Do you know where it is? Perhaps it is under a bed, in a closet, on your desk, in your car… The bottom line is you have it somewhere. Clean up the clutter and you will clean up the mind, body and spirit!
     Where is the clutter in your life? Does it show up in small piles or large? Is it messy or is it dirty? Does clutter exist in places that you see or is it hidden where you do not have to look at it? Is it in your wardrobe, your refrigerator, or your finances?
     Whatever is outside of you…residing in “your” world…is in fact what is going on inside of you. All things are related. The outer environment mirrors back to us where our dysfunction is. The outside world, the people we meet, the circumstances in the individual experience are messages of where work is required.
     With the beginning of a new year, more so the beginning of a new cycle of manifestation, it is imperative to clean up and clean out life. And that begins with:

  • our drawers
  • cupboards
  • cars
  • houses
  • work spaces

In cleaning out these areas of our lives, the subconscious mind cleans out our thoughts, mind, psyche… It gives an opportunity for a subtle body reflection of what is really going on in your world.
     Spring cleaning, nesting and any act of this nature is the body’s natural urging to rebalance itself. So take the time to see where your messes are. Where they show up, may give you insight into what is going on in your:

  • relationships
  • career
  • leisure time
  • health
  • attitude

Everything we need is always right in front of us… It is time to stop, pay attention, look, and listen. The more organized your life experience, the more grounded and centered you will feel.
     So the next time you open a closet and say, “What a mess!” Ask yourself  “What part of me is this? As you clean, it won’t matter because you will start to sort through it. All you have to do is …
BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh