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Daily Diary 4-30-13: When Did That Part of You Die?

I was brought to tears this morning as I witnessed from a place of knowing a small child’s heart break. My heart broke open at the remembrance of this mirror. It was that unspoken and spoken statement that each of us have received… ‘Walk … Don’t Run… Walk as you are to… Walk through life… You are not to skip through life.’ OH YES I AM!
THIS IS WHY THE REBEL ROAD MUST HAPPEN FOR ALL OF US! This is why… this is reclaiming the lost dream… the lost joy… the lost sense of freedom, childlike innocence and play. This is for the hum that no longer hummed… the dance that no longer danced… the skip that no longer skipped… the light in the eyes that no longer glowed… Please pledge your support for THE REBEL ROAD TOUR to inspire everyone to reawaken to the TRUTH of who we are… and be the REBELS in our own lives! Pledge your support here: and look up The Rebel Road