How Do You Know Light Is Emerging?

   How deeply will go? An invitation awaits you… to discover what has been hidden from you all along. Has it been a conspiracy? Yes… you conspired for this time. It is the final walk of the Divine journey when the dawn comes and there is Light. The surprise, however, is that the Light is not to shine upon you… it is to brilliantly radiate from within you. You are Light, Vibration, Sound and Energy… here to be seen, felt, heard and expressed.
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   To find it, you had to walk into the dark, slip into a cave, experience all as leaving so you would remain solely/soul-ly with your Self. The darkness cradled you; it held you. The darkness gave you space to pull away what needed to move. The darkness is what allowed you to shine. Light is not found in light… Pure Light can only shine within the darkness.

To Walk With Another Who Has Been Where You Are Going

Shortens The Distance… 

   This mentoring adventure is the essence of love, compassion acceptance and sacredness while allowing the natural, wild, wonderful and creative capacity you hold to flow freely. Are you ready to live a more courageous, fun and exciting life that fuels you to be everything you have desired to be? Then you are ready to work with Simran. She holds nothing back and and understands the dynamics of change, alignment and mastery.
    Begin the intimate journey of discovery… Simran will walk with you as you let go of the smallness so that you enter into the grace of your grandness. BEGIN NOW

What if change were viewed as a lover’s gift…

whisking you to far off lands?

     Showering you with magic and adventure? Moving you gently in the moment, deepening your breath or making you breathless… creating an eruption of passion within you? Won’t you embrace change?
    Might you not fall in love with this mysterious secret admirer that brings you change… that sees you beyond possibilities that you see? This part of (you) only desires to strip you naked enough to behold your pure essence!
    There is a level of intimacy that is longing to occur within you. Do you dare discover your ultimate ultimate? Will you marry the Light and the Dark that is within… neither of which you can know until willing to know them together? When you see the two sides of your Self, you will encounter wholeness… Your Journey to Love: Order Now
With Love… Simran