In Holy Gratitude…

As you travel the journey within this grand realm called earth… know each year is a mandala of life experiences. This holy experience holds, within its moments, a memory of all that has been experienced by you emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. It has been created just for you. It is a sacred hideout for soul experience… a magic lamp… holding wishes and dreams… that is to be polished and shine.
Within your magnificent vessel is a strong spirit, one that rallies and supports your highest and best good. The spirit within subtly guides and teaches through your experiences, all that is grand about who you are. It awakens opportunities to reveal talents and skills, beckoning you beyond fear to realms greater than your ‘personality’ thinks possible. The guiding soul knows the perfection that you are, even when you cannot see it.
And then there is the the shimmering veil of personality, ‘dressing’ the many light and shadowy parts of you; it celebrates, defends, loves, fights, and stands as the face you show the world. It knows all of your secrets and insecurities. It gives you the ability to be strong and weak, vulnerable and rock solid. The personality is a beautiful stained glass image of who you are; splintered colors of the many facets that you posses and can express.
Finally, there is ‘identity’, your image to the world. It is the part of you that shields the real you from everyone else. It illustrates your honed talents; getting up in the morning, every single day, to do what you do. It is the picture everyone else has painted of you as permanent, but that can morph in an instant if your soul dictates.
Most importantly is the ‘unknown’ you… the vast frontier waiting to be explored; holding treasures and riches in escrow, until the moment you are ready to receive yourself.
On this blessed, Thanksgiving Day, after you have expressed gratitude to and for everyone else, take a moment to quiet yourself… Look in the mirror; gaze upon the incredible masterpiece that you are…a beautiful work of art…a conglomeration of so much knowledge and experience… a quilt of memories…a mixed media that is ever changing, growing, and evolving. You are exactly where you are supposed to be, and perfect in this moment… with nothing to change or fix. There is simply so much more to experience.
Say ‘Thank You’ to You…
and please accept my deep gratitude,
for being a Divine part of my sacred experience.
My love to you… and the blessings of a joyous, bountiful and Light-filled season.
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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