Where are you chained? Who is it that really binds you? When are you going to shove your ego out of the way and let the real you step forward? When are you going to tell the fear it is not welcome any longer?


There is only one place where we are truly bound and chained… within our minds. We let our monster egos dictate to us how we are to act, behave, react, and hide. The ego controls us so much that we start to forget how to trust ourselves or any semblance of power that is innate within. The ego makes us believe that we ‘need’ to depend on others for answers, advice, direction, and strength. The ego toys with us as puppets on a string until we decide to become the master of our own destinies.

What does that mean? How do we let go of the intricate quilt of security that the ego has shrouded us under?

Throw off the quilt!!! Shove the ego out of the way!!! Claim your power and innate sense of knowing. YOU DO KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU WANT!!!

Why is it so important what other people are going to think? Why worry so much about fitting in? Why do we constantly wrap the chains of ego tighter and tighter to the point of suffocation and extinction? It is time to RELEASE YOURSELF from the self-imposed bondage of the ego.

When you are able to be who you really are without a care in the world about the comments, criticisms, actions, and reactions of friends, family, significant others and strangers, you have started to break out of the cage. It is in the moment you have begun the rebirth of your nature…the true essence of who we all are…beautiful, vibrant, fabulously wonderful, creative, and inspiring works of art…brightly shines to open the way for others.

How many times have you been invited to a party, wedding, or event and did not want to dress in a way that stood out…or perhaps were afraid of over dressing…or did not want to make others feel uncomfortable? By minimizing yourself in your dress, is that really the way to help others feel better about themselves. Do we think so little of our friends, peers, and acquaintances that we have to dress down to “meet them”? If that is the case, then what are we saying about ourselves? Do we respect who and what we are so little that we are willing to look and act beneath our true selves because we are not willing to stand in the confidence of our essence.

The answer is not in minimizing oneself but in learning how to lift others up. In allowing your personality to come through in your apparel, you allow others to feel the freedom to do the same. In expressing confidence through clothing, those that encounter you will be inspired to be their best and show their confidence.

Lift others up! Be a leader…set an example! Make the world a more beautiful place every time you step out the door!!! If you can’t be fabulous…why exist at all?

Take the time to realize that every action and encounter is significant and does affect the world. Your presence impacts people every single day. It is in our own best interest to always look, feel, and act our best. The consequences of not thinking about it impacts our children, our peers, and the greater consciousness. If we can all just realize that even the minute act of dressing, something so many people consider frivolous and inconsequential, is an extension of our communication skills… and in many cases speaks more strongly than words! Your image is a source of power…don’t waste it…USE IT!

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest regards,

Simran Singh