Say YES!

Studies have shown that our brain capacity allows for 10,000 thoughts per minute to hit us, yet only a few actually penetrate through to conscious thinking and less than one percent of those are actually given validation. Have you ever wondered about those ‘great ideas’ that hit you? Have you ever looked back on your life and asked ‘What if”? Are the regrets that face you simply more weapons you can use against yourself?

Why are we so stubborn about going against our own grain? We are so locked in our patterns and taught behaviors that we become followers of ‘It is how it has always been.’ Human beings would rather suffer through something or settle than to take a chance on themselves. Our reasoning is, ‘Well, if it doesn’t work out, I will be unhappy?’. Well, are you any happier where you are?

The greatest risk you can ever take is on yourself. The whole point in our human existence is to experience ourselves. The greatest gift is the possibility of surrendering to the ‘What if?’. It is learning to say ‘YES!’. When one learns to say ‘Yes’, the door to the unlimited possibilities opens up. Life shifts and a new way of being unfolds.

Our capacity mentally, physically, and spiritually is completely unlimited, so much so, that we do not even know how high the bar can be raised. Look at all of the marvels of science and technology, art and theater, fashion and prose. Those were all gifts that have been channeled through to us as one of those ‘thoughts…those 10,000 thoughts’.

What if the inventors of computers, space shuttles, microwaves, and Spanx let the thought pass them by and never acted. What if Picasso, Rembrandt, or Monet decided not to pick up a paint brush? What if Armani, Chloe, or Dior thought they just could not take the chance because they might fail? We would be deficient so many wonderful gifts in this world. They were the inspiration for so many others.

Just say YES! to your dreams…It does not matter how large or small you think they are. Say YES! to a new hair style…Yes! to funky fishnets…YES! to skydiving…YES! to wake boarding…YES! to a sculpting class…YES! to a new career. Say YES! to the whims of your heart.

A thought is only a thought until you put emotion behind it…then it becomes reality. Manifest what you desire to experience in life. Life is too short not to dream and too long to settle. Say YES!!!…and be inspiration to yourself and others!

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest Regards,

Simran Singh