Service Through Self Awareness

     Anything can become an addiction, not just food, alcohol, drugs, sex, work, electronics but also attainment, achievement, status, fighting, indifference, belief systems, etc… Anything.
     Regardless of material or social successes, people can still be deeply unconscious; slave to their minds, patterns, emotions, and ‘things’.
     The human ego can justify anything as a subtle way to escape. It will convince itself it must keep doing what it’s doing. But even when it convinces itself it has changed, the unconscious patterns will illustrate the same things done in a different way, and with the same prior agendas.
     What the ego craves is significance. Each action, pursuit and agenda is out of a desire to prove ones own existence matters. This is the egos drug. Hierarchy is the ladder it uses to get its high.
     As well and good as material successes are, endless pursuit of such when one has more than enough is gluttony. How much will ever be enough? The material world and continual doing will never feed the heart and soul. They cannot be bought. They can only be romanced and savored.
     Material success is not bad, but it is a distraction, that keeps people preoccupied with ‘their own world’. At some point, everyone must turn to see the Big Picture beyond ‘their life and comforts’. As long as imbalance and hierarchy exist on earth, such contrasts will reflect in the way people, animals and the environment are treated. Charity is not the answer; that too is a way of keeping people down.
     Education and Empowerment are the ways… To Know Self, the Other… and new communal structures and systems for the world is to place humanity before materiality. How? Creating wealth within hearts, minds and bodies is far more catalyzing of growth and change.
     Service through self awareness of ones own addictions and masks is ‘being the change’. Mastering the mind, emotions, cravings and need to be seen as significant and important. Creating richness in community and connection will even the disparity between haves and have-nots. Seeing,         Hearing and fully Acknowledging the fellow human, animal, tree, environment in this way makes significance is unnecessary because it prioritizes Presence. In that space, the realization that nothing else matters will create the new world that lay as a dream in the heart and mind of higher consciousness.
     Through such reverence and humility, all of our brothers and sisters in all nations, religions and colors will be seen for the beauty they are and the Presence they bring to this thing called Life.
In Love…