It is written in many old texts that we are all one; connected; part of the same glob of energy that is everything and everywhere. There is a consciousness that exists in the world… of separateness, a belief system that causes hate, strife, war, divorce, cliques, and conflict. Yet, there is a oneness that binds us. It is the quest for truth, justice, fairness, wholeness, innocence, growth, community,  and love. So exactly where do “I” begin and “You” end?

     Where do I begin and you end? We have witnessed a history where people subscribe to their own cultures and beliefs, religion causes the battle of minds and geography, and color of skin created societies of slavery and segregation. We fight for driving space on the highway, money, and being the best. We aspire to have more, do more and be more, paying attention along the way to those less fortunate but quickly getting back to what pertains specifically to our own lives.
     From all of those perspectives, everything is separate. Individuals exist completely alone, with no rhyme or reason to why things are the way they are. We move through life living in action and reaction, happiness and sadness, intimacy and isolation. There seems to be no answer to poverty, racism, religious strife, crime, or abuse. It all seemingly exists “over there”…and in some cases, depending on who is looking, “over here”. 
     Where do I begin and you end? What if we are so connected that everything that occurs in an individual life and their living space is a method of communication from the core source that connects us? What if there is an undercurrent of vibration that is an unconscious communication signal between every living being? What if every encounter, joy, blessing, mishap, accident, or circumstance is simply a reflection of something about our selves? Would viewing the world and others in this manner allow us to see how truly connected we all really are?
     What if the guy who cuts you off on the highway, in anger, is an opportunity to look at youself and say, “What part of that is me? What part of me is angry and feels as if he/she has to take to receive?”
     What if the person that opens the door for you and smiles wishing you a pleasant day is an opportunity for you to say, “What part of me is that? What part of me is gentle, open, kind, and loving? Do I want to be more of that?”
     If you are in a relationship or marriage and your partner is distant, has an affair, or walks out, can you take the other point of view and reflect? “What part of me walks out on myself? What part of me turns away from my own needs? What part of me is in so much pain that I look outside for approval and gratification when all I really need is to be loving and compassionate to myself?”
What if that parent, child or partner says something critical or negative? Do you react and say something back creating an endless cylce or do you stop and say “Is there some part within me that feels this way about myself? Perhaps they are just mirroring back to me something that I need to review.”
     When someone comes up to you and compliments you or remarks how beautiful or handsome you are, what if you took a moment to realize that they recognized the innate beauty and sacredness of your soul? It is a time to breathe in the compliment and see it as how you really are. It is an opportunity to know that someone was in your space that could cherish you as an aspect of themselves.
These are all opportunities to see the other person as a gift of growth in consciousness for the self.
     The people, situations, and circumstances in our lives are simply mirrors of what we feel and believe we are inside. As we change our minds, we can change our lives. If you commit to being a happy person, working on conscious and subconscious thoughts and attitudes, that is what will begin to mirror back to you. If you focus on your pain and victimhood, you will find yourself creating experiences and interactions that help you believe that to be true. Why? So that you can shed the illusion of who you “think” you are and claim the reality of who you “really” are.
    We are all the same. Every individual wants to be loved, cherished, respected, honored and acknowledged. All people and all cultures simply want to experience the best life they possibly can. They wish to honor the source from which they came in the ways they were taught, knowing that all paths lead to the same end point. All people want to aleve pain, hurt, and suffering by being compassionate, caring, and giving. All people are really little children inside just wanting to connect and be held and told they do matter.
Where do I begin and you end? We don’t…we just are…One. I see my sister and my brother in many colors, shapes, and forms…I see myself. As I reach a hand out, a hand comes back…although it appears to be different, it is really my own. I embrace the person that passes and when heart is to heart, it is my own heartbeat that I feel and hear.
When you walk today, instead of seeing everything and everyone as something outside of yourself, view them as an extension of you. Extend a hand, a compliment, a smile…it can only return a thousand fold. If you will just…
BELIEVE…Beyond The Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh