Where is Your Passion?

Passion is feeling, love, great enthusiasm, anger and rage…
At one end of the continuum is anger and rage. It is the frustrated feeling of believing you cannot have what you want. It is the resentment that has built in the belief ‘you have no right to choose again’.
On the other end of the polarity is passion, the excitement and enthusiasm of going for what you want regardless of the outcome. It is the belief in self and the right to have a joyful experience of life. In that momentum of energy, you will receive all that you want and need…and more. Receive as you conceive!
Find your passion…A passion is something that you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve. In pursuing that passion, you will find, love, life, energy, happiness, gratitude, inspiration, and true joy.
I am very passionate about writing. I write for the purposes of expressing, of creating, and of inspiring MYSELF….if I am able to touch anyone else in the process, then it has become a gift that keeps on giving. Allow yourself to experience the gift that you are…and then the world can as well.
Engage in a private setting where you can explore your passions and purpose…
Open to the possibility of where you want to create something new… reinvent yourself…and dive into more play and fulfillment in your life.
Though personal one-to-one time with Simran, milling about quaint Charleston settings, dining in amazing restaurants and exploring the deep recesses of your subconscious, you have the opportunity to awaken to a new you.
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In Love & Oneness… Simran
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