Into the Mystery

There is a deepening. A quiet Mystery that pervades all life…
You are invited to engage in …

Contemplation has been the esoteric magic of great mystics for eons. They knew to remain in the inquiry and allow the inner voice to bubble through.

Join a small group that you shall travel with into the inner realms of your Golden Pathway. As we dive into the Venus Sequence, Discover the Pearl of our existence and access the signs and symbols that guide you, you will discover the beautiful mystery that is the soul’s path between the shadow and the Light. This illumination shall work from within you, opening and awakening the deep essence that guides all things.
I invite you to engage in this experience of Love, Light & Laughter. Will you take a few days to begin discovering the immense depths that lay within us? Be in collaboration and relationship for a greater sense of expansion and co-creation.
Lodging is included, contemplation spaces are present… all that is required is YOU. Will your heart and soul say YES?
Come with us… into … THE MYSTERY EXPERIENCE

B & B The Mystery Experience