We believe we are human, and need to address that vessel, but we are so much more… and have an immense untapped reservoir of power within us. I desire to share what will facilitate your overall health.. your wellness… your physical presence… and your spirited power.
What your body is experiencing and feeling will have to be addressed on 2 Levels:
1. The OUTER PHYSICAL Body – which has manifested certain ‘issues’, which is why I sent out the                    11 Point Questionnaire  last week. (*If you didn’t fill, and want to support the brain & body in balancing
health, energy and aging… Click Here )
Upon receiving, I will address those things personally with you, but right now I want to focus on the other Level.
2. The INNER ESSENTIAL SELF – Your Essence, Inner Being & Luminous Body.
Life is fast paced; we become distracted in many directions from family – work – service to ambitions – goals – dreams. Marketing and conditioning pushes us toward future based thinking creating fear and anxiety… while aches, pains and emotions tug from the past. Being pulled in two opposite directions is what is creating the split in our society. Individuals must become aligned again… on both inner and outer.
I cocooned over the last two years, for a deepened understanding of what was being called for; I was listening for what the greater collective was calling for. I stilled myself to not only understand, but also integrate within me that which would create the deepest connection to TRUE ESSENCE, something so rich that it would continue to strengthen and expand that. What I found was the ‘romance’ between life and spirited aliveness.
I am only interested in creations that inspire the ‘God-Universe-Source—SPARK’ inside of individuals, so that we embody a new experience of aliveness as SPIRITED HUMANS BEING.


What came through in the last 2 years is an incredible integrative and beautiful immersion experience that will keep YOU deepening into your Essential Self and Spirited Nature. This inspired creation is:

  • an easy daily practice that seamlessly keeps you aligned and focused
  • a layered technology that bypasses the ego and mental self to create new
  • sound vibrations to assist your energetic and etheric bodies in bringing more Light
  • deepening steps of self-inquiry that rewire the false self to the Truth Self
  • a daily sacred space for Self-Realization
  • a Lover & Beloved experience that brings a deep intimate connection to Self so that you attract and experience more joy – more love – more fulfillment
  • an awakening into the knowing… ‘Your Presence is Enough’

I know this is extremely powerful. I participate in this program! I feel the expansion of the heart… the sacredness expanding.. the illumination blazing. I urge you to embark on

OM-I-AM = Peace – Integration – Action – Mapping

This is not about ‘doing’ anything… THIS is BEING !