Nourish Your Sacred Body

Your body is a sacred vessel and home for your spirit. When are you going to live and care for it? It’s time to take care of your body, no matter what your age. Free the physical from fatigue, fogginess, and fuel deficiency.
A vital part of spirituality is being in the body — this sacred vessel. Life gets busy, and it’s easy to put ourselves last.
As a vegetarian, it is integral that I have quality protein! Six years ago when I began my first retreat center and the 11:11 creations, I knew I needed to support myself nutritionally. I was feeling tired. Working with people on various emotional and psychological levels affected me physically. Additionally, I was not a ‘good’ vegetarian when it came to the full scope of minerals and proteins to balance the body.
I asked the Universe, out loud, to send me what I needed. That week, a friend of mine called with an answer. I have been on that nutritional program since. I would not go a day without it.

  • In the first week, I began feeling stronger.
  • By day 11, my energy level shot up 1000%
  • By day 20, my brain felt clearer, as if a fog had lifted.
  • Within 30 days, I had lost some unhealthy weight I had been carrying and my body released toxicity.

I felt like a brand new person. I have seen the same with many many many clients over the years.

  • I look and feel younger now than I did 20 years ago.
  • I sleep better and know I am getting what my brain needs to support optimal functioning.
  • When I travel, I carry my nutritional aids with me that assist me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for high vibrational living.
  • I support my body in staying balanced for anti-aging, energy and wellness.

Daily gentle cleansing of my sacred vessel not only takes care of me physically but empowers me vibrational and spiritually. Even in the most difficult times over the last few years, my health stayed strong.
Mineral and vitamin intake, along with appropriate omegas and fats for brain and body balancing are integral for anti-aging and wellness. If you truly are looking for a holistic approach to embodiment; then I want to assist your food lifestyle in optimizing your body as you master your mental and emotional aspects. I have experienced this profoundly, and it is truly a gift to share.
This IS NOT a diet. This is A LIFESTYLE! Be open to enhancing your life. You have nothing to lose EXCEPT for unhealthy weight, toxicity, fogginess, and lack of energy.

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