YOU Are Not Your Identity

Who are you really? Are you 3-Dimensional, 5 Dimensional or ‘beyond’ even these illusions? Are you letting yourself operate out of the dimension of time and space or from the realms where your true power resides? Can you even think outside of your ‘self’? 
It is easy to get wrapped up in the day to day; yet that is akin to a speck of sand amidst all the oceans on the planet. You are the granule of sand. You are the beach, every beach and every ocean. However, it is difficult to think in these terms when we are going through a bad relationship, losing a job, dealing with an illness, rearing a child, or simply perceiving ordinary life.
But, what if peering at/through the granule of sand was only so you could choose to know yourself as more. There is nothing wrong with the identity, but in the identification that it is completely who you are. What if I told you I am not interested in knowing who you are… I want to know who you are not! Show me the sides of yourself you have yet to discover. Reveal to me the expansiveness you  are still to encounter. Open to me the heart that you yourself are to be embraced by.
I want to know the side of you that melts into darkness at the sight of a glorious sunset, is electrified by the crashing of a wave, becomes heartbroken at the sound of a tree falling… or leaps into imaginary worlds when a butterfly passes by. Show me the well of tenderness that rests beneath your hardened heart… the vast chasms of loneliness when you are amongst all those you know… the spirited glee that resides in your core the moment you achieved something you thought impossible.
Don’t get so caught up in discovering who you are, that you completely forget to dive into who you are not. Your power is so immense that you can create from the heavens ‘onto earth’, but you must first know you dance among the stars. What if you are not really here, but focus so deeply upon the grain of sand that you thought you were? What if you were actually looking through a microscope… and the real you is on the other end of that microscope?
As we sit gazing at the stars in the Universe…. have you ever wondered who or what was gazing back? After all we know, we each might be living in a bubble… of reality… a snow globe that gets shaken up once in a while… a tiny dew/due drop of time. You not only deserve your due… you deserve to be showered with Grace…Light…Love.
Your fear of letting go, of identity, can’t equal the Love and Truth beyond that. Identity is your real box; get outside yourself.
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