How are Your Eyes?

12112094_10208256221751797_871053611852144391_nDuality is seeing through two eyes; one perceives darkness, one perceives Light. The 3rd eye is ‘thine eye be single’; recognizing all as One Divine Being…
It is easy to get caught up in the world. Our eyes tell us what the mind has been programmed to see. Part of the data that has been programmed sees from the altruistic perspective… it’s all good. Other programming sees everything from the perspective of fear… it’s all bad. This is why we can say we love, while we hate.
But it is not for us to see from one or the other perspective, it is for us to unite our vision, and embrace both… as ourselves. Can we see in unified sight, all things as neutral? If we move from seeing ‘good and bad’ to seeing them as ‘shadow and light’… we give ourselves the chance to see ‘art’ instead of ‘garbage’.
Life is a work of art, meant to have the dark, the light and varying shades of gray. It is though unified sight that we bring the full spectrum of color.
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