The Flowering of Life…

You are not your body or mind, not identity or story; you are Essence revealing itself. But how do you get your body and your mind to believe it?…
The Universe always asks, ‘What would you have now?’ You may believe your mind and body are excitedly leaping towards JOY – LOVE – PEACE – ABUNDANCE – ETC… but what are you really saying seeking out such? Devotional personal growth dives deeply into places we often do not want to face. But in doing so, we discover the flowering of life.
For the words above to even come to mind illustrates a lack of them, or a disconnection from them. The very last thing in the world anyone wants to face is their own negativity, lack or shadow. Yet, it is only in the dark – the infinite void – that new birth may begin. Out of nothing comes something.
So WHO is really asking for those things – JOY  – LOVE – ABUNDANCE – ETC…? Is it you at all?

  • Is it a perspective… a perception?
  • Is it from an identity you locked on?
  • Is it your body?
  • Is it your mind?
  • Is it your story?

What you keep seeking from any or all of the places above is your Essence… your ESSENTIAL BEINGNESS… Your ISness. To truly touch that place, you cannot identify with anything. And, you must be able to acknowledge everything, yes ‘every’ thing, as JOY – LOVE – ABUNDANCE – ETC. This experience reflects the flowering of life within your mind- body – identity – personality – perspective – perception. The embodiment of unconditional self-acceptance is a sacred form that flowers and expands.
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