“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, did it really happen?” Can a single tree stand out amidst a forest? Does its life have meaning? Here is a toast to all of the trees…a toast for you and a toast for me…

I was out walking on this beautiful warm day in December, just one week before Christmas, and took notice of the wonderful trees that surround my world. They stand regal and silent, not saying a thing but speaking volumes. Many trees have been here as long or longer than I have. They have stories to tell…those that they witness and the ones they live through. They bare the heat, the cold, wind, rain, and drought. They face life only to sway slightly at passing events; experiencing them but not being swept away. Trees harden themselves on the outside, growing a covering of bark that shields and protects them from the world. Their rings are badges of time, endurance, and perseverance. They branch out in limbs continually growing and reaching to be more and better. They flower through leaves, cones, pods, and needles to express the gifts and creativity that rests within them. Trees stand tall and brave, ever sheltering smaller creatures in love and compassion. They live alone or in community, but always exist with presence.

As I continued to walk, I began to imagine that trees were actually loved ones and ancestors that have passed. Perhaps they are a physical memory of the peoples of history, from primitives, to Indians, to pilgrims, to slaves, to the new realms of people as we mix ideas, cultures, races, and religions. Combining such diversity and individual perfection can only result in an even more beautiful melange when woven together in a quilt of human kind. As we evolve and transform as human beings, a new fabric is being created within our society that should be celebrated as oneness rather than seeing it as separateness any longer. Just as the trees of many varieties coexist in a beautiful juxtaposition of nature, so shall we one day be an incredible harmony of spiritual and human matter throughout the planet.

As I glimpse at the trees outside, I see you and I see me. We are but trees, each individual but part of a greater oneness called a forest. We each hold a special place and presence. As human beings, we harden ourselves on the outside due to life’s experiences, but on the inside a soft sweet sap flows warmly. Wisdom of the ages rests within the rings of our existence. People reach out, branch like, offering helping hands, compassion, and kindness. We flower in creativity and love despite the harshness the world sometimes presents. We plant ourselves firmly rooted to the ground within beliefs and ideas that have been taught to us. The trials, tribulations, lessons, and gifts of life can sometimes loosen those roots causing us to turn and lean in a different way, many times for the better.

But it does not matter if you stand alone or amidst the forest, you are an important part of the ecosystem of Earth School. Every person is significant…every individual makes a difference…every soul touches at least one other heart…every life has meaning. So yes, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, it does happen. As we are all connected, somewhere on a cellular level, we each know when a part of us has gone.

This Holiday Season…

See yourself for who you really are…an incredibly important part of the lives of so many. I toast the person that you have been, the things you have endured, the triumphs and successes you have manifested…I toast who you are today and the ability to stand in your body and be still …I toast the you of tomorrow that works toward the principles of Truth, Integrity, Love, Compassion, Humility, Trust and Balance. I toast the You that indulges in self discovery and awareness for the purposes of growth and healing…Take a moment this holiday season to recognize yourself in all of those you meet. Allow them the acknowledgment of their accomplishments and tender compassion for their indiscretions. See yourself within their eyes and be gentle and forgiving. Rest in the Oneness that you are… You are the Light of the world…You are the GIFT you have been searching for…

Merry Christmas…Have a Safe, Prosperous, and Blessed Holiday!

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest Regards,

Simran Singh