The holidays always arrive so quickly every year…and every year they are wonderful. The trimmings are pulled out. The lights are plugged in. The ornaments are hung on the tree. I was given a gift a little early this year. It was a lovely blown glass ornament. The coloration was amber, green,white and bits of burgundy with an almost faceted look to the glass…absolutely exquisite.

After I hung it, I stepped back to look at the beautiful piece of art. I have always believed that the things that come into your life are filled with meaning meant especially for you. In the miracle that is existence and life, the miracles of Christmas, of wonder, of faith, of laughter, and of children are simply guide posts to say …it is all for you…seize your own miracles.

It doesn’t matter if it is a song on the radio, a book, an animal crossing your path, a particular conversation, a dis-ease in the body, or a gift…they are all messages. What an extraordinary thought that perhaps in the matrix of our existence, everything really does happen for our highest good and with purpose. Perhaps we are incredibly intuitive beings that have forgotten how to be innocent and ‘just be’ so that we may receive the messages. What if it is a very subtle language from the Universe…one that is unique and individual to each person? Could something like this be possible? Much greater things by the Universe have manifested and we have believed they were real.

As I looked at this ornament I asked myself ‘What does this mean to me? The shape was somewhat oval. It reminded me first of a tear drop and then of an egg. When I think of a tear I think of the wave of life, the emotions that allow us to feel…the wonderful ability to know the polarities of all things. If we did not have the gift of tears, we could not know sadness so that we may know joy…and tears let us know that we are both.

As I thought of an egg…I thought of new life. Each day we awaken, we start anew…a chance to do it over, to live it differently, to be better, to experience more, to have another dance. We are granted the gift of birth every morning we awaken.

I then looked at the colors. The Amber stood for the honey that we are…sweet, tantalizing, rich in diversity, and fluid in movement. The green meant heart, love that is in all things, the ability for life to sustain and be nurtured such as the smallest blade of grass. The burgundy was blood, passion, roots, strength, survival and triumph… And finally white..which is the light…that is each one of us. It is the light that we each need to recognize within ourselves and express.

The many facets of the glass piece are the many facets that an individual has. I saw two meanings in this. One was that we have become splintered and fragmented beings, stuck in existing in our heads rather than living through our hearts. We need to call back the pieces of ourselves that have been allowed to slip away, be hidden, covered, or usurped. The beauty of it was that the many facets in this piece of art made up a unit. It displayed the whole. The coming together of a multi faceted, many colored piece of art. I am in awe of the many facets that people possess and how we each, in our own right, are a magnificent sculpture.

This holiday season, as you move briskly to get things done…don’t move so quickly that others can not stop to look at the ornament passing them by. Also slow down enough to just behold the gift you have been… You are the ornament you have been searching for…

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest Regards & Happy Holidays,

Simran Singh