Above & Beyond Choice…

There is the moment when you have to make a choice; until the awareness arises there is no choice to make. It’s all the same… 

  • Is choice the place of empowerment, or is it a trick of the ego?
  • Is choice necessary?
  • Do various choices lead to different outcomes?

We are trained to believe that everything requires a continuous series of choices. Yet, we are always led to the same point at the end.
For some, choices, or lack of choices, lead straight to a destination. For others, choices – or lack thereof –  create a windy road to the exact same place. So…

  • Why have stress?
  • Why have anxiety?
  • Why fight the river?
  • Why not live carefree?

Some say… you create your reality. Others believe it is all predetermined. Perhaps, it is a dream you are dreaming. Maybe, it is a story you are remembering. Some scientists believe it is one of many realities you live; somewhere you are getting the outcome that you desire, an outcome you could not imagine… and one that is beyond infinite possibility. Who really knows? So what does it all mean?
Perhaps, it simply means you are here to:

  • Embrace everyone and everything…
  • Be attached to nothing…
  • Live full out!
  • Love completely!
  • Stand tall!
  • Walk your wild side!
  • Do what you Love to do!

… because there is no thing, no one, no time, and no way that stops you… except you! Perhaps there is no choice to make at all… That too is distraction from what is real. Leave the mind for the landscape of the soul…
In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love… In Oneness,
I AM SIMRAN – www.iamsimran.com
In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love…. In Oneness,
I AM SIMRAN – www.iamsimran.com