Now More Than Ever…

Life is an ebb and flow… the wave moving in an out from ocean to shore. Whether rough waters or calm seas, the soul is so large that it reaches both ends…
I know I need long periods of ebb for powerful times of flow. 2013 was FLOW as I pulled my introverted nature into being an extrovert for an intense period of expression and experience. Upon that completion, EBB was imperative. I stowed away in solitude for the last 15 months – peeking my head out now and then – in the ways I could let you know I was still present. I feel ready to be back amidst the world.
In periods of permitting deep quiet reflection, I receive much. Those openings come to be shared. I know it is time to share this love, wisdom and expansion with others in greater ways.
Many have heard me speak on the road, in spiritual centers, churches and conferences… on youtube, talk radio and through my books. And while I do receive invitations to speak from organizations, most invitations originate from suggestions or requests of friends, fans and souls just like you!
If you can suggest or facilitate a connection with an upcoming event or group where I might be an appropriate speaker, or perhaps you might be interested in chatting about my giving a talk or workshop to your community, please get in touch!
Some topics of my talks include:
Deepening Compassion in the face of Violence
Finding Humanity Through the Eyes of Oneness
Learning the Language of the Universe
Becoming Nothing by Embracing Everything
The Sacred Marriage of Dark and Light
The Cry of Mother Earth
Unity in the Face of Conflict and Chaos
Now more than ever, these topics are necessary to bridge the gap between mind and heart. I’m open to new audiences and venues where I can share wisdom on Love, humanity, Light, darkness and oneness, in addition to Conversations With The Universe, Your Journey to Enlightenment and Your Journey to Love.
In addition, you will see the NEW 11:11 Magazine releasing going forward… it is the same but different…. more beautiful, more loving, more encompassing of all that is Oneness. My gift to humanity…
I hope you’ll consider inviting me to speak to your group or congregation on the essence and beauty of the soul, experience and expression for creating a new world experience of aliveness. For more information check out my NEW website… Evolutionary Art … Mentoring… and the NEW 11:11 Magazine & Talk Radio Show!
For speaking inquiries… I look forward to seeing you!                                                                                                           Simran –
In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love…. In Oneness,