An Illusion of Time

     Time is a wheel; a circumference of experience occurring all at once.
     The illusion of time is that you went from there to here, or then to now. It is even as far fetched as believing you will travel from this point to that; or today to tomorrow. However, every moment exists within itself.
     You carry your past with you always; it is interwoven in your cellular structure. Your every move, word and thought is from reliving an experience ( you call memory ). You can have whatever you want, simply be there now.
     Your future is also written in your cells; you are always stepping into a direction you’ve already been. Your soul knows where to go because it’s already there.
     Only the mind makes time linear, and this belief creates the steps, the path and the passage. It is the mind that creates aging, loss or destinations. It does not know, that within its own quiet stillness is eternity. It does not know that within its winding caverns is the ability to be at any place in any time with any one.
     Time is not the enemy. It is the game created, an imaginative structure built to house a framework of stories. Loosen your grip on time and you will find it stretches into all manner of ways. You are space. You are timelessness. You are eternal.
In Love…