Are You Asking the Right Question?

The universe answers every question that you ask. Most people ask disempowering questions. ‘Why me? What’s wrong? Who’s to blame?’ But, when you begin to ask ‘how and what can I give’, you start to be inwardly taught that you have so much to give.When you begin to grow by being a giver. You tap into the wellspring within you; opportunities open up to give your talents, your ideas, a smile, a blessing… Once you become a giver, the universe responds to you differently. Now, your hands are never empty. You always have something to give.
‘What can I celebrate?’ Often times, people are looking at what they did not accomplish on their to do list, particularly in America. Individuals go to sleep with all they did not accomplish on their mind. It creates psychic debris, causing people to feel tired the next day. Instead, look at ‘What can I celebrate?’. Your energy will begin to reflect the spirit of celebration which brings you into the fundamental harmony of the universe. A blade of grass, a tree, the stars are all celebrating that they are the manifestation of existence itself. When we begin to ask the question, we come into harmony with the celebration that is happening throughout the cosmos.
‘How can I grow?’ We are getting in tune with the progressive nature of the universe that is always unfolding to reveal more and more of its infinite nature. You are inviting great changes into your life so that at the end of every week, month and year, you are a different person. You activate more talents and gifts within you.
The bain of the human experience is that people want to change the world while they remain the same. It can’t be done. We have to grow. If, in fact, we are embracing giving, growing, and celebrating…sincerely and earnestly, we become in tune with the fundamental harmony, we have more to give and are living from a much higher order of being.
Maybe the answer you are looking for lies in the question you are asking.
Reprint from 11:11 Magazine