Are You Listening?


The greatest issue of the world is not violence, hunger, poverty, sickness, addictions, pollution, etc… These are symptoms of the real problem.
People are clamoring to be heard. Who is really listening? When we begin to listen, the other issues will disappear.

Now more than ever, people feel unseen, unheard and unacknowledged. In an attempt to stay positive, many turn their heads and avert their eyes. If we are to inspire people in a new direction, we must breathe with them.
Eruptions of violence from youth, to entire nations at war, are illustrations of a world waiting to be heard. Increased cases of domestic violence and crime are also voices calling out. Cancer, heart attacks and stress are more individual expressions of language not listened to.
Is it possible that everything from health and environmental issues to the economy and external conflicts are an outcropping of something else? Could there be one solution that would evolve all places of fear toward peaceful resolution?
Although many strides in medicine, science and law appear to be responses to issues being raised, there does not seem to be a strong enough measure of change to illustrate their benefit. It is likened to hanging a picture over a hole in the wall. Its a quick fix. It may appear to solve the problem, but eventually, the picture will fall because the foundation behind it is broken.
Are we placing bandages over wounds, blindfolds over eyes, and plugging our ears? Reactions such as frustration, anger, violence, and apathy are calls for love. What must occur to effect real change? Why is it necessary to not just hear, but actually listen? Where do we begin?
At the core of all healing is the need for more love, especially self-love. We are not fully present to the needs at hand because we are not present to ourselves as individuals. Listening at the deepest levels is what heals; many times, lessening any need for other action. When individuals and peoples feel understood, they are able to respond differently, instead of being reactionary.
Each person can help change the world by first listening to themselves, their body and their families. When deeply listening to the self, one’s wounds, hurts, dreams and desires become known. By not suppressing these important aspects of self, dis-ease will be decreased. Emotional and mental well-being will strengthen. In addition, the degree of fear, anxiety and depression will also be alleviated. Giving the gift of listening to the self increases the ability to hear those around us as well. In this way, one person can change the world.
SIMRAN, publisher of award-winning 11:11 Magazine and author of IPPY Gold Award winning Conversations With The UniverseYour Journey to Enlightenment and Your Journey to Love.
SIMRAN is also the host of Conscious Consumer Network Television’s ‘The Rebel Road TV’ and ‘Conversations With My Self’, in addition to syndicated Host of 11:11 Talk Radio.