The Function of Chaos

The great shadows of families, communities and nations are only an out picturing of what is taking place within each one of us. Individuals are the microcosm of these greater macrocosms. If we do not pay attention to what is being spoken, albeit words – actions – emotions – expression, all foundations and their structures will crumble. This is the function of chaos…
We live in a world in which frenzied behavior tries to fix the chaos. However, if listening and allowing it to play itself out, things will self-organize. Rather than worrying about everything and designing quick solutions, it is time to stop and be present.
What is a community in crisis really saying? What is a child who pulls a gun really crying out for? What is a terrorist wearing a bomb trying to get across? Regardless of who or how or where or when, all of them are saying, ‘Will you see me, hear me, Love me?’
Love alludes each and every person and situation on the planet where reaction is occurring. Real Love responds embracingly to the full spectrum of dark to light. Love listens with full presence to all of it. For this to occur on a global level, it must begin on the inner plane. Self-love is the key to healing the ills of the world, individual and collective. When we listen to the cries of pain, abuse, terror, fear and loneliness on the inside, we are more able to hear the ones clamoring on the outside.
Listening to the voices of orphaned inner children, battered and abused parts of the self, and long held dreams that had been fought for but died is a rare and unique opportunity to be sacred with the self. It is time to allow all that is inside to rest in peace. Love, peace, forgiveness, compassion, and kindness are all words with no meaning unless we ultimately experience and integrate them within the self. In carrying out this sacred contract, there need be no outer quest for wholeness.
The world is emptying at a rapid rate. It is time to stop and refuel… refill.. reignite. It is time to reclaim our abandoned vehicles. In doing so, we arrive at home and hearth. This place of warmth is where the fires of listening, longing and belonging are stoked. It is a blaze that will draw many, providing everlasting Light for each one who wants to come in from the cold and darkness.
How do we stop the pain? How do we end violence? How do we save the world? Love the self. Listen to the self. Love all that is in the world. Listen to all that is in the world. Hold it all as a sacred part of the ‘self’ waiting to be heard.
Will it happen over night? It will happen in the instant you fall into the depths ‘of Love’, and rise to the heights ‘as Love’. It will when you approach all you meet ‘with Love’. You will one day find yourself fully ‘in Love’. Until then, dive into an incredible love affair of heart, mind, soul and your humanity.
SIMRAN, publisher of award-winning 11:11 Magazine and author of IPPY Gold Award winning Conversations With The UniverseYour Journey to Enlightenment and Your Journey to Love.
SIMRAN is also the host of Conscious Consumer Network Television’s ‘The Rebel Road TV’ and ‘Conversations With My Self’, in addition to syndicated Host of 11:11 Talk Radio.