Nature sits before us silently to say…all you have to do is connect, watch and listen…we are here to show you the way…



 Creations begged of the heavens

Gifts born of time

Illusory dreams enter space becoming reality

Yet, I still miss the forest for the trees.

Out of universal love, my life became manifest

A melodic heart playing the song of a soul’s journey

Vision so deeply hidden that true sight comes from eyes long closed.

Yet, I still miss the forest for the trees.

Special memories to be cherished

Experiences encompassing all emotions

A lovely hidden path waiting to be searched out

Yet, I still miss the forest for the trees.

Oh Great Universe, listen to my cry.

Teach me all of your infinite wisdom.

Show me great love that I may know how.

Lead me until I have to go.

And through you, I shall walk the forest

I shall touch each tree

And I will be open.

For as I reflect upon my journey

I will see the script I have written.

I will cheer for the actor I have been.

I will embrace the participants in my play.

From this perspective, you have taught me to see the forest and be the tree.


We can learn much from nature. An entire language bursts forth through these creations as they depict the interplay between strength and vulnerability. They follow a natural rhythm of balance, allowing for times of silent retreat and periods of activity and new birth. The principles of trust, faith, and surrender are practiced uncompromisingly by animals, plants, insects, and birds.

     Trees are the ancestors of nature. Like long, and lanky grandparents caretaking the world, some have been watching and listening for many decades. They see what we do, cover, protect, and provide for us. They are regal and silent, not saying a thing but speaking volumes. They have stories to tell those that they witness and ones they live through.

     Trees bear the heat, the cold, wind, rain, and drought. They face life only to sway at passing events; experiencing them but not being swept away. Trees harden themselves on the outside, growing a covering of bark that shields and protects them from the world. Their rings are bandages of time, endurance and perseverance. They branch out, continually growing and reaching higher. They flower through leaves, pods, cones, and needles expressing the gifts and creativity that reside within. Trees stand tall and brave, sheltering smaller creatures in love and compassion. They live alone or in community, but always with presence.

     Walking through a forest, I see you and I see me. We are but trees, each individual but part of a greater oneness called a forest. We each hold a special place and presence. There is uniqueness and beauty with each one. As human beings, we harden ourselves on the outside due to life’s experiences, but on the inside, sweet sap flows warmly.

     Wisdom of the ages rests within the rings of our cellular existence. People reach out, branch like, offering helping hands, compassion and kindness. We flower in creativity and love, despite the harshness the world sometimes presents. Firmly rooted to the ground, we lock into beliefs and ideas that have been taught to us. Trials, tribulations, lessons, and gifts can loosen the roots of the minds, causing us to turn and lean a different way, reaching towards the light.

     But it does not matter if one stands alone or amidst the forest, they are an important part of the eco-system of
School. Every person significant every individual making a difference every soul touching another every life full of meaning. Acknowledge the strength, longevity, and grace with which you have lived.

     Take the time to acknowledge the obstacles you have overcome, the storms that have been weathered, the elegance with which you have persevered, and the radiance by which you have flowered. Be a tree and plant your feet firmly to the ground. Know that roots do exist and extend beyond your feet into Mother Earth keeping you grounded and centered. Recognize that your limbs can reach high above to receive the showering of grace. Act like a tree and “be”. Have the trust, faith, and surrender necessary to let the Universe take care of you.       

How to be a Tree

  • In the face of a storm stand tall.
  • When feeling isolated reach out.
  • When life feels overwhelming release your attachments.
  • When being something else can serve a greater purpose adapt and change
  • When life appears dry and drought like go back to your center.
  • When the wind blows anchor your roots and get grounded.
  • If it starts to rain it is time for a cleansing.

All you have to do is BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusions!!!


Simran Singh