Believe… Life Follows Belief

Why is it that doubt creeps in, when deep in the heart we know all we have to do is…
BELIEVE. To have the faith of a mustard seed can sometimes feel harder than scaling a mountain. Life can reveal twists and turns that will always allow that loud voice of the ego to overpower the soft still voice of the soul. Its the ego’s voice that keeps us moving… distracted… doubting… and believing that life is ours to control, maneuver and manipulate.
And yet the hardest time to keep the faith are in the moments of harshness, tragedy, gloom and doom. That is where Doubt really grabs hold… and then it brings its buddy, Fear. I can only imagine what families, business owners, children and residents in Texas are feeling right now… well, actually I cannot. How could anyone know what they are really experiencing? But we must empathize… we must care enough to attempt to consider their footsteps… and their heartstrings.
And even more… we must keep the faith for ourselves… and for them. We must BELIEVE when they cannot. It does not mean we do not take action. But any action must come after KNOWING – BELIEVING – TRUSTING that all is well.
I cannot know why things happen anymore than you. But I can place the power of my thoughts… the vision of my heart… and the focus of my intentions toward a benevolent good. I can make celebration and love my service… walking in peace my meditation… and generosity of spirit my claim to fame. To do that requires a Belief in SELF. That level of belief will always have LIFE follow suit.
What if we are the guiding stars… the beacons of Light that stir the cosmos? What if we are the revelations of Spirit… the pure BREATH of GOD? Then, our words… our thoughts… our presence… our actions… our belief… means everything; because we are the ‘weather’ and ‘whether or not’ there are winds and rains, or sunny skies and gentle breezes.
As we consider our brothers and sisters in Texas… our children in Syria… our kinfolk in North Korea… our earthen body that lay beneath our feet… it behooves us to consider what we BELIEVE, because Life will follow suit.
In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love… I AM SIMRAN  –