The Tone of Your Voice… Your Action

Have you ever wondered if people could read you mind?

Well… they can, they are able to know because of… 
the tone of your voice… the tone of your actions… the tone of your posture… the many tones you exhibit that you are not likely aware of.
Your words betray you… your tonality even more-so. These things illustrate whether or not you are passionate… or if you are angry, depressed, checked out, or bored. They will also show others if you are passionate, calm, happy or present as well.
As the veils thin… as the Universe opens up… as the level of sensitivity rises in the air, it becomes clearer and clearer who is living, and who is ALIVE! Begin listening for the tones … not only in others, but especially in yourself. It might be a time to set a NEW TONE!
In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love… I AM SIMRAN
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