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Daily Diary 5-7-13: Giggle a little

Creation happens… but the energy we surround it with determines what it looks like and the degree of sustainability. Something very profound is happening… cannot quite put words to it yet but it is powerful… There is a knowing that is growing.
7 Days till Book officially releases but available for preorder now.
“A brilliant student of the Universe, Simran Singh draws upon her years of deep inner work and extensive direct experience to write a razor-sharp, heart-opening, and life nourishing book that promises to leave a “trail of breadcrumbs” for every reader to partner with the Universe in a profound, new way. Simran’s life is palpable proof of the magic, miracles and healing that occurs when proper rapport with the Universe is asked for, and received.”
-Maureen Moss, 4-time award winning author, international teacher, and global radio host.

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