Down the Rabbit Hole

Alice desired the full experience of life. Her wish to know love, compassion, kindness, empathy, success, abundance, and prosperity had always seemed like a pipe dream. But now, there was a possibility for it to be real. Before her lay the doorway, a hole that led deep into the ground. It was a tunnel that was mysterious and full of wonder, never ending. Behind her…what was known and comfortable. Perhaps it was best to rest in the security of what life had been. Certainly, there were times of discomfort and sadness, but at least there was also an understanding of their presence. What lay beyond the rabbit hole would mean letting go of what she had always believed to be the truth…

Most people go through life yearning for the experience of something. The things they search for are not truly measurable because the worth of them resides in the experience of infinity. Yet the taste is a tease leaving a thirst for more and a realization of lack. Many people desire to find success, health, abundance, love, etc…

The current experience of life illustrates the non-existence of that item and ongoing circumstances prove that the dangling carrot continues to evade. How does one see something so clearly outside when it resides within all along? Why isn’t it apparent that it has been there from the beginning? Where is the manual we were supposed to have been born with? Where is the book that our ancestors, grandparents and parents have been compiling to pass down to make this clearer?

We are so busy looking for what we desire, outside of ourselves, we have missed the message of why we are here. We have defined experience as something that happens ‘to us’ instead of ‘through us’. Experience is something that has been the catch word for ‘You are supposed to make this happen for me.’ rather than ‘I desire to make this happen for myself’.

‘Love’ is one of those ambiguous words that holds the dreams of what all people desire. The current experiences of love may be wonderful, however there is an aspect that evades and is longed for. Regardless of how much love you receive from ‘however many’ people, there is always the love of a particular person or group that is wished for.

If we truly integrate that we posses all we desire… success abundance, love, happiness, joy, prosperity…to be tapped into at our will, then the experience is waiting to happen. We just have to ask, act, and receive.

To truly experience love, you need not receive it from anyone outside of yourself. The true experience of love is the ability to ‘well it up’ from within your being that it over flows touching everything within its path. When you are love, of love and express love…only then will you know love. Have you ever considered that living as the expression of love towards others, particularly those that cannot see it within themselves, is the epitome of being ‘in love.’ To be ‘in love’ is to fully and unabashedly express love.

In the same vein, success cannot come to you, it can only be created through you. When success ‘wells up’ from within and washes over, to touch all, your own creativity, thought, mind, intelligence, and actions will be ‘success-full.’ So, to ‘be’ success would mean that it is part of who you are in every action, conversation, and point of rest. It is not something to achieve, it is something to ‘be’ so that others can ‘receive’ your success.

Our mission on this Earth is not to get from the outside, but to give from the inside. When we are able to ‘give’ from that inner core, we ‘get’ all that we need.

The purpose of this lifetime is ‘forgiving’ and ‘forgetting’…

It is ‘for giving’ and ‘for getting’…

It is ‘for giving’ yourself the experience and ‘for getting’ to express that experience outwardly.

Today…start ‘forgiving and forgetting’.

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest regards,

Simran Singh