You are riding the wave…Everything is going your way…You have reached a high in your career, marriage, finances, etc… Is it to good to be true? Is everything going so well that you fear the break in the silver lining? Something goes wrong… you get paralyzed in the fear of doing any more… Because you have reached your Upper Limit.

     It is very normal to reach the heights of waves and look at life wondering how everything got to be so good. It is part of the process to want that success to, not only continue but also soar even higher. It is a natural tendency to get scared…to wonder if something is going to come along and crash that wave to the shore. Why is it we question a peak in life and beat ourselves further down when resting within a valley?
     You know…You have heard them… The common statements after you have reached a high and then something happens…something happens. The negative self-talk that arises sounds similar to ‘I knew it was too good to be true.’ ‘ I thought it would not last.’  ‘Just when everything starts to go well, something always comes along to spoil it.’ ‘ Who did I think I was believing my time had finally come?’ ‘ I am so afraid to enjoy this and get used to it because what if something bad happens.’ ‘ Well, isn’t that just life…’
We have all been taught that only a certain amount of happiness…of success…of triumph is allowed. All people hold within their subconscious a core belief that says to them ‘Not Good Enough’, ‘Not Worthy’, ‘ ‘Not Important’, ‘I Am Stupid’ etc…
Whatever the belief, it overides everything good that comes your way, even though you do deserve the success, happiness, joy, and abundance. That is where you create the Upper Limit. That is where you allow self-sabotage in your life just to prove to yourself right about the core belief. Upper limits are the barriers that have been placed by your own hands. They are the heights you are not allowed to go beyond because… Because of what? Because people may talk? Because people may think you are crazy? Because people may abandon you? Because people may not love you anymore? Because you are afraid to actually have what you want?…Because you are actually afraid to have what you want most.
Why is it so hard to just have what you want? Why do you persevere, work and agonize toward your desires to then turn slightly away when they approach? Who is actually creating the upper limit? Who is saying ‘NO’?
So, the upper limit exists. What do you to not only move forward, but also beyond what is perceived as possible? You do the work. You do the inner work necessary to clean up your inner landscape.
Look at your world and see what you , YES YOU, have created. Your life is purely a mirror of your INTERIOR LANDSCAPE. Every single moment of peace, chaos, happiness, sadness, miracles and explosions are of your own divine creation. And, they are all reflections of your INNER LANDSCAPE. Within your landscape are the conscious and unconscious thoughts; the things you are aware of and the things you choose not to see or believe about yourself. The inner landscape holds all of the lies that you have been told about yourself or chosen to believe and the light filled truth that you really are.    
It is time to get out of your head…to stop rationalizing…being practical…and tolerating yourself. It is time to move into your heart…open it up…and discover the anguished cries, soft yearnings, and passion filled aspirations. It is time to weed the garden of all of its impurities consisting of untruths, insecurities, and misdirected loyalties. It is time to plant new seeds and nurture with love, forgiveness and compassion a new consciousness radiating who you really are.
You are the creator of your reality. You make the choices that reap the results that have outpictured in your world. It is time to step back and look at what you have made and choose again. It is time to say to yourself…
Don’t expect others to clean your garden. They have their own weeds to pull. Clean up your landscape and watch a whole new world blossom right in front of you. Reach beyond your Upper Limits and have the life you truly desire.
It can happen if…you just…
BELIEVE…Beyond The Illusion!!!
Warmest Regards,
Simran Singh