Fall Into Life… Rise In Love

Get to really know you. Inquire and listen to what your inner being longs for. Hear your lost and forgotten dreams. Be wiling to look at the pain and sadness that rests deeply upon the countenance. Forgive any transgressions, perceived failures or or misconstrued ‘mistakes’, and tenderly bestow love…
Only in willingly opening the heart to the self, can we begin opening the heart to other people. The more honest you are to you, the more you will receive the same in relationships that surround you. The greater degree of trust you anchor within, the more you will find with those you give your heart to. You will discover the mystical lover and beloved. And, the heart will expand far beyond the physical body to encompass everyone and everything.
Layer by layer you will see the many facets of who you have been and are. You will understand your various roles, identities and personalities with celebration rather than condemnation. You will begin rising in the Love that you are because you will see all of you. In doing so, you become a humanitarian for your inner world and a Love catalyst in the outer world. You are not releasing, burning away or letting go of anything. Nor is there denial, suppression or escape. Your love will open your being to the full absorption and embrace of every piece and part. Within this courtship is a blessed union of you to your soul’s true mate.

  • Focus on you.
  • Listen to what your heart longs for.
  • Open your heart to yourself.
  • Embrace your shadow side.
  • Forgive yourself fully.
  • Let go of identities.
  • Discover whom you have never been.
  • Let go of the need to be or do something for love.
  • Be still and know… you are Love.

There will come a moment when you will no longer be who you were. The costumes come off. Identities are honored and pass. Personalities soften. You are one step closer to the void… The black hole of nothing, and yet everything. This is the path of the unknown … It is a walk into your truth, which is beyond personality, identity, status, gender, $$$, roles, religion, culture… It is vast and expansive.  It is the fullness of real Love… True Love.
Authentic Love asks only one thing of you: be nothing, do nothing because ‘your presence is enough’. This only makes sense when you truly see that all things are patterns, forms and structures to be neutralized and transcended. Only then can you truly see the fullness of the One True Self. The stillness of your being brings union and communion of you to your soul’s true mate. It is not the end of all action. It is he beginning of inspired being, where all movement, action and expression are in complete devotion to the fullness of Self in its oneness with all else that exists. (Excerpted from Your Journey To Love)
SIMRAN is a catalyst and mentor that supports individuals in recognizing their own personal language with the Universe so that their steps are taken in a more conscious, empowered, loving and enlightened way for self discovery and Divine realization.
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