Having Vision

     Close your eyes and imagine being free. What images come to mind? What is the activity or non-activity you are participating in? Is there a sound that you hear or are making? Where do you feel it in your body? Are there certain images or colors present?

Can you bring that into your present experience?

    All situations in life must first exist in the mind before they can manifest in the physical experience. It is a desire for most individuals to feel free. This may be in the area of finances, relationships, career, or in regard to time. Yet many do feel trapped in their lives, relationships, jobs, and bodies. For some, there is a sense of ‘stuckness’, the inability to move left or right, backwards or forwards. Many say, they do not have the energy or the means others say their dreams are not practical. However it really boils down to a lack of vision.

     We all require a vision to pull us forward. A vision, in a sense, is a roadmap to lead and guide us to the destination of our dreams. It is the permission we give ourselves to live beyond the place we are. It is a choice to believe that anything is possible if we give energy to it. Any individual can achieve the greatest of dreams if they allow themselves to do so. So if it is so simple, why doesn’t everyone do it?

     The most important aspect of creating a new vision or stepping into a different experience of life is FEAR. A bit of fear is necessary for passion to exist. It is what creates the excitement, the desire, and the energy. On a line of polarity ‘Fear’ weighs on one side and ‘Passion on the other. However, as human beings we are so used to stepping into ‘fear’, we forget that what we might actually be feeling is ‘passion’. Fear is the dangling carrot that allows us to dream, and question, to move and grow.

    Fear becomes a nuisance only when we allow it to become the vision. When fear becomes greater than the vision itself, the result is paralysis. Replacing the vision of the dream with the vision of fear tends to be the barrier that holds people back from moving along their heart path. How would you know if this has happened?

  • When I just think of moving, my body has a physical reaction.
  • I think of only the fear or negative outcomes to any movement.
  • Visions work from the inside out fear works from the outside in.
  • Fear is full of excuses that have no real basis but a lot of justification.
  • Fear blames everybody and everything.

     Stepping into a vision requires a bold leap of stepping into freedom. It demands that an individual move beyond their own self-prescribed limitations, thoughts, handed down beliefs, and practicalities. A vision comes from the heart not from the head. It turns away from judgment based ideas of ‘should’, ‘would’, and could’ brought on by well intentioned nay-sayers. A vision unfolds as you close your eyes to see it and open your palms to receive it.

     A vision also requires a certain level of release in the process .

·         Can you let go of who you have believed yourself to be?

·         Can you release any thoughts and feelings of ‘unworthiness’ or ‘not good enough’ ?

·         Can you be with the negative thoughts when they arise and then release them in love?

·         Can you be okay with other people not understanding, agreeing, or accepting your position?

·         Can you release some level of control to allow for ‘universal flow’?

·         What am I afraid of?

·         What could be the worst thing that could happen?

Each one of us comes with passion and a vision. We must simply tap into it and do the inner work to allow it. Inner work is what will assist a person in achieving the communication necessary to support the process.

  • Are you allowing yourself time to dream?
  • How much time are you spending in silence or meditation?
  • Are you asking for what you want from the universe?
  • Are you aware enough to see, hear, feel the answers to requests?
  • Are you supporting your vision through vision boards or vision books?
  • Are you giving to yourself in nurturing and nourishing ways?
  • Are you healing old wounds?
  • Do you have a coach to support you through the process? 

     Freedom is the gift of making conscious choices. It is the opportunity look ahead at what may unfold through various decisions. Once an individual begins a path of knowing themselves and becoming more conscious, there is no way of going back. Conscious choices push us forward to become healthier, better, more loving human beings.

     A passion, a purpose, a walk toward freedom are really opportunities to serve ourselves in a better way. Once we are able to nurture and love ourselves in a way that is pampering, unconditional, and fully supportive, we will open the doors to an alternate reality. As we begin to give to ourselves more, we will genuinely be able to give to others. This giving will be generated from a full cup.  The increased self love will provide an individual with ‘overflow’. 

    In creating a vision for life, selecting consciously the tasks that will support manifestation will require the following:

  • Breathing — Remaining present with oneself
  • Compassion — Loving the self through the process.
  • Celebration — Remembering the victories, small and large.
  • Feeling — Allowing time to sit with negative feelings that arise.
  • Dreaming — Holding the image and feeling regularly.
  • Action — Knowledge that the co-creative process is 1 part Belief, 1 part Doing, 1              part Receiving.

The final aspect of freedom is releasing control. So often we have a predetermined outline for how we think things should look that when what we really need shows up, we miss it entirely. Allow yourself to surrender to the natural flow of the Universe. Know that your intentions have been put out. The visualization work is in place and you are working your process. You are nourishing yourself mind, body and spirit. Surrender so that you can be aware of the synchronicities and opportunities that show up in your world. Have expectancy that what you have asked for will show up in the manner that serves your highest and greatest good. All you need to do is…Believe…Beyond the Illusion!!!

Warmest regards,

Simran Singh

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