Affirming the YES

Today I stand fully intending my arms open, my experience receiving, my mind filled with expectancy, and my heart believing 1.  I am responsible for the co-creation of my life.   2. Unlimited possibilities lay within me ready to express.   3. Every occurrence in my life is a gift provided to take me to the next level of knowing myself.   4. I am worthy of love, prosperity and abundance.   5. Change is a loving way that I renew my mind, body, and spirit.   6. My thoughts, words, and actions are continuously being lifted toward a higher vibration.   7. Saying YES to all that I desire is my Divine right.   8. Saying YES opens the gates to all that I AM.   9. Saying YES, I give myself permission to be powerful beyond measure.   10. Saying YES supports me in greeting self- discovery and self-realization.   11.  Saying YES simply means I will hear the Universe reply YES, YES, YES !!!