Hold Space for Your Vision:My Gift to Support Your Manifestation

Some have asked me how 11:11 magazine went from Columbia SC to national rack exposure in under two  years from someone who never published before. As my gift to you and in gratitiude for all the doors that continue to open for my passion to continue…I share these words. Hold the VISION…Expect…Believe…Achieve !People often ask me how I remain at a place where I desire to give, love and share while the world continues in the seeming never-ending dysfunction ? Where do the words, posts, blogs, and creations continually come from? Why is there such a desire to create beauty in the world and share it? What drives me to want to bring people together in community and alignment with the truth of their high nature? How do I so easily open to and allow people to be who they need to be, regardless of what that looks like? Well, why not?
Standing in the Gap for Others
What if my simple holding of the space or as it is also called…standing in the gap is all that is necessary for an individual to recognize themselves as more than they are being? What if we stopped to realize that the Higher Self does this for each individual every day, patiently waiting for us to vibe up to the essence that is inside? What if the Great Mind knows that we will eventually get where we need to be…and that time is an illusion? Perhaps the Universe is allowing of the vast array of experiences that are chosen; some of us are playing in the ocean or running through the forests, while others are stuck in the mud or have not yet decided to leave their cave? What if each one of us chose consciously to hold space for another? 
    I recently received an email that was approximately 3 pages long. It was full of rage and frustration. The individual used very graphic language to speak of his disdain for topics of consciousness, awakening, love, and reality creation. He continued on to vehemently berate the 11:11 Talk Radio show and particularly fired some shots at my hosting of the show. Finally he stated the review would be posted everywhere in print and on the web so people would not tune in.
    It was immediately evident to me the degree of frustration and pain this young man was in. Although the email was to me, the words were seemingly about me and the projection was on to me, it was not mine. How often do you take someone else’s ‘stuff’ and make it your own? Do you react? Do you allow it to bring you out of your high place? Instead of reacting, have you considered ‘standing in the gap’ for them?
     I immediately felt a great deal of compassion for this individual and the courage it took for him to write me and state his feelings. We all experience varying situations of pain. In the end, regardless of the experience, pain is pain; the degree does not matter because when it hurts…it just hurts. When it has to express, it comes out, and sometimes in not such pretty ways. I also recognized taking the time to let me know there was a post meant he was asking for help, in his own way. So I responded,
Thanks so much for your comments. True healing comes from the things that trigger us….those people, circumstances, and situations. Perhaps that was the purpose of my show for you. There are also many people that benefit greatly from 11:11 Talk Radio and 11:11 Magazine and we get those reviews as well. Either way it is good as we are all on different journeys, seeking out different things. I hope you find what you are searching for and I wish you all the best in the world with Immense blessings upon your quest.
Simran Singh
     The next day I received this response,
I am so sorry for the inaccurate review I posted about 11:11.  I removed it from the web; I don’t think anyone actually saw it.  It won’t happen again.  Thank you for your enlightening response.
     Imagine what may have run through this gentleman’s mind. By responding to him in a loving manner, he may have been able to get to see what his reaction was really reflecting.
     Perhaps all each individual wants is to feel connected, to know someone cares or is listening. We need people to believe in us and honor who we are regardless of what we do. Every person needs someone to hold the vision, hold the space… be the walking prayer for them. If every person you know stood in the gap for just one other, how do you think experiences would change? Today, let someone know that you stand in the gap for them and take the commitment as a sacred vow.
The Manner of Success
     Our world is continually becoming faster, which could be a prelude to the disappearance of time. Or perhaps, we are finally reaching the end of the polarity, so that more of us can recognize how to focus on the ‘now’. It may mean we have gotten so caught up in the illusion that time is all that is seen. The passage of time becomes the only mile marker for existing. This commodity has evolved from being a tool that we used to being one that controls us. People have allowed it to become the master in order to avoid having to focus upon memories and feelings of pain, loss, or regret. However, when we give up those experiences, we also barter away the full experiences of joy, love, fullness, and forgiveness. All experiences are a part of our makeup, our celebration of life.
     With ever growing technologies, internet conveniences and the never ending creations of material creature comfort, the thoughts around success have been gravely misconstrued. In addition, the ‘do’ society mentality lends primary importance to what can be accomplished in the shortest amount of time with the greatest monetary result. Quality tends to be forsaken for quantity, people are replaced by the ease of automation, waste is blindly disregarded for what is new, and necessities take the back seat to extravagant wants. Success becomes viewed as the material possessions acquired, status attained, celebrity garnered, or number of zeros following the number on the check. Is that true success?
     Is it success to you? For some, that would be the definition. For many individuals around the world, particularly in developed nations, success equals achievement, money, the ability to acquire particular things, and a certain amount of notoriety in one’s arena. Exactly what hole are we trying to fill by having all of these things? Does the hole ever fill? Is it ever enough or does it create more emptiness? The average person’s pursuit of success, if someone really wants to get to the heart of it, is a cry for what feels ultimately missing, the connection to others…the connection to Source…an experience of being at Oneness with Truth. It is also an attempt to place value on oneself or one’s life; a measure of worth.
     For some this pursuit is sought through what lays on the outside. At some point, in some incarnation, the realization that nothing on the outside will fill the void comes to awareness. Either way, no choice is right or wrong, it just is part of the human experience to be lived, witnessed, and reviewed. As one continues their schooling in the field of evolution, the soul gently guides the human being to higher consciousness..
    Various sacred texts speak against the worship of false idols. However, few realize that idols are not only in the form of people or ‘gods’, but can be the things that individual attention becomes focused on. False idols can be represented by those very things we say we cannot live without: certain people, a particular job, projects, a home, a pair of sneakers, a particular food, that glass of wine, time… Anything utilized in excess or that allows stress or anxiety at the thought of no longer existing has become a false idol. We can become our own false idols within the addiction to certain personality traits, habits, patterns, and belief systems. What or who are your false idols? Could you step away from every single thing in your life and not look back? Do you mean it? Can you or have you walked away from your ‘story’ of the past or is it a false idol that you carry?
     This does not mean you would not care for those people or things that you walked away from. It would mean that you know that you are stronger than the association with those people or things. This also reflects a healthy relationship and not one of co-dependence.
     When an individual allows something outside of themselves to rule their life, or at least control a major part of it, that item has become their ‘god’, a false idol. If any one thing is withholding quality experiences for an individual in other life arenas, then that experience is depleting the essence of the individual. If some ‘one’ or some ‘thing’ holds greater importance than the care, love and presence with oneself, then false idols are being worshipped.
      Allow yourself to marinate in what has been written so far. What feelings does it stir within you? Does the writing trigger you? Does it feel selfish when considering family, friends, and community? Are you getting the gist of the conversation? This has all been stated merely to support you to the next command over your experience.
     The human perspective sees through a small set of eyes. Our higher self sees through the all-knowing eye and stands in the gap for our growth, healing, awareness, and evolution.
Standing in the Gap for our Ourselves
     In actuality, there is nothing wrong with having material things. Nothing is good or bad…that is judgment. All of these things can exist and can be used and attained. We do not have to renounce anything. It is your Divine right to experience and allow abundance. It is Divine for us to know ourselves as incredible creators. But what is the driving force behind the desires? Is it to feel whole, complete or happy? Is it to see the vastness of one’s depths?
      We are completing a 26,000 year cycle in our worlds evolution. A new wave of consciousness is opening up as this gateway has revealed itself. Now is the time to step back and review your life, not for what has all happened, but how much you have grown. From that place, ask yourself only two questions.

  1. 1.    What am I really good at?
  2. 2.    What really brings me the greatest joy?

From this place decide what you want. So often when we do things for the sake of making money or acquiring things, our desires remain at bay because we are settling in places that we really do not want to be. Allow yourself to sink into the joy of being who you are by feeling proud participating in what you are good at. Allow that gift to flower forth. Have immense fun in the process.
     I left a well paying career that I was good at to fulfill my heart’s desire and open to something else I knew I could be good at. I LOVE to write. I could write 24/7 if I allowed myself to. I am passionate about empowerment and positive living. I love to see other people step into their dreams. I decided to take a leap of faith. This leap required a second mortgage on my home, the faith that all would be well, and the desire to do what filled me up with love, healing and empowerment.  11:11 Magazine, 11:11 Talk Radio and coaching individuals into a life of authentic power at the BELIEVE Center is my bliss. Life has unfolded abundantly in so many ways.
     I have met amazing people, created a beautiful community, feel active and involved, and express myself authentically and completely. As for the second mortgage, it is still there. The payments still have to be made. However, there is a knowing in me that everything will be taken care of. I recognize a flow and an opening to life that will sustain my dreams if I can hold the space for them to fully ripen and manifest.
   So often, we want everything yesterday. However, there is a process from the time the thought comes, the feeling being activated, the energy forming on the unseen realm, to the manifestation in the physical world. Can you hold the space for yourself?
     From the first issue, I have known 11:11 as a national and international publication. I have said it would be in a national chain such as Barnes & Noble. I had to believe it for it to occur. It did not matter what others thought of 11:11 or even their experiences of it, favorable or unfavorable. What others thought was none of my business. I simply had to do what I loved, put into action what I was capable of, take time for myself, and allow.
     The magazine has national and international subscribers. It is now in Barnes & Noble. It has opened up many other doors to write and express. The energy on the unseen realm is now manifesting on the seen realm and will continue to. All of this has happened in just eighteen months time and from someone who had never published before.

  • Do you BELIEVE in yourself and your dreams?
  • Do you hold the space for the vision to unfold?
  • Do you allow the vision to come into form regardless of the views of others?
  • If you answered no to any of these questions, are you allowing the support of a life coach, friends or mentors?

The truth is:

  • The Laws of the Universe are no more romantic than the law of gravity.
  • We are here as co-creators with Source to be, do, and have whatever we believe, want and intend.
  • When we allow ourselves to know we are masters, authentic power begins in our lives and the need to force dissipates.

Standing in the Gap for the Vision
     For example, if a person wants to have an exotic car and begins formulating wonderful visions around what it would look like, what it would feel like to sit in it, and the experience of driving it. An energy will begin to surround the project. It would be the energy of creation.
     As this energy is held in love, possibility and excitement, it receives the fuel to generate synchronistic events, messages and greater inspiration. This is the time to revel in the pregnancy of this unfolding possibility. Just as a woman would take care of herself, eat the right foods and rest when carrying a baby, it is important to do the same. You must nurture yourself and the vision, feed yourself with the right words, thoughts and actions, and allow periods of stillness to feel the movements of your spirit.
     There is a process that occurs before something actually manifests on the physical plane. In our illusion of time, the frequency at which we vibrate requires a gestation period between thought, invisible energy states, and physical manifestation. This is the space where you are standing in the gap for your vision.
     For some individuals it appears as if things manifest instantly. They have mastered the art of intention, feeling, belief and knowing (adding a dash of patience). Others experience ongoing let downs of having the ideas but nothing ever working out. Why is that?
     In our humanness, we become impatient or fall victim to the negative self-talk that wants to convince us of unworthiness. These thoughts tell us the heart desires are not to be realized. It can become a bit of a roller coaster ride, if not a painful experience, as you do all that is necessary for a dream to unfold but pull back the energy the moment before manifestation. Your belief is key. Understanding that time is the illusion…and only exists if you let it.
Allow yourself to recognize that the success is not the end result it is every step of presence you experience with yourself and others as you play in this magical place of unlimited possibility. I am very grateful that 11:11 is sitting along shelves all over the United States now. My wish is that it becomes a place of support for individuals reaching peace, balance and dreams. 
The magazine industry requires that you make a full monetary and quantity commitment. A person gets paid when the magazines sell. This requires risk and courage…but it is also the opportunity to illustrate to yourself if you really believe and really want it.  Find your dream…It may be buried deep in your heart or gut under the lump of ‘Can i do this?’ and ‘I am afraid…what if…’ But uncover it…IYOU can accomplish anything you want. YOU can do it too. Do It NOW !!! NOW ! I am happy to hold the space for your vision. Share it with me…and lets hold space, stand in the gap,  for one another! All you have to do is… BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion !!!
This was excerpted out of the Sept/Oct Issue of 11:11 magazine…NOW on Barnes & Noble shelves in 50 states… or available by subscription at www.1111mag.com ! Get your copy today and let many wonderful writers and interviews support you in reaching empowerment, balance, personal growth, and well-being. Thank you… 
Warmest Regards and Standing in the Gap for YOU !
Simran Singh