Seed of Light

Do you recognize yourself as the light? You are a seed of light. I often remember a story my mother told me as a child.There was a Guru walking with a disciple. They came upon a village where the people mistreated them. They were beaten, starved, and cursed until they were eventually thrown out. As they left, the Guru turned to face the village and said, ‘I bless you. I pray that God prospers you, keeps your families united, close and always together. I wish every blessing upon you.’ The disciple was quite perplexed by the blessing but said nothing.
Soon after, they came upon another village where they were treated royally. They were given a feast, a home to stay in as long as they needed, and many gifts. After a few days, they ventured on. As they were leaving the outskirts of the village, the Guru turned to face the village and said ‘I pray that you all get scattered. May your families be spread out and separated into far and distant lands. May this little village come to an end and the winds of change blow you all far, far away.’ Now the disciple was very confused and slightly enraged.
Guru Ji he said, ‘Why would you bless those that mistreated us and curse those that loved us? I do not understand.’ The Guru replied. ‘I want that mentality of negativity, deception, malice, and hate to stay in one small corner of the world and never leave. This is why I prayed to keep them united and safe. The other village was so generous and loving. These were beautiful souls of light with compassionate hearts. These are the people that the world needs to be seeded by. That is why I prayed that they be sent to far and distant lands… where they can carry their goodness and love to so many other places and create a world that is that.’
We each can be the light that seeds the places in which we live. We are abundant in our gifts and need only share them…a simple smile, a writing, a helping hand…a piece of art, singing, a beautiful garden. There are many possibilities in which light may express.    
    I often wonder if every individual committed to the following three things, what experiences in the world would transform. I ask you to consider…

  1. Committing one kind, compassionate act to a stranger every single day.
  2. Reaching out and hug one individual, other than your family, each day.
  3. Holding the vision for a healthy, positive, prosperous outcome for someone each day.

Imagine how the exterior world would change as we alter the constitution of our hearts, minds, and souls. Consider being so open-hearted that your love and consideration expands beyond your family and friends so that we all begin to realize how essential we are to one another. Through unity in community (come to unity) we hold infinite possibilities of building bridges to new worlds.  
Take the time to…

  1. Contemplate where you hold judgment about others.
  2. Discover where you withhold yourself from others.
  3. Is your love conditional or unconditional? And, what do you expect from others?
  4. Decide if you are holding onto beliefs because it is what you were taught. Have you gone inside to unfold your own answers?
  5. Determine what beliefs and thoughts you are really committed to and what you desire to let go of.
  6. What is to be your Legacy for Go(o)d? What does that mean to you?
  7. Make a personal commitment to acts of compassion you are willing to perform daily.

We each have a personal responsibility to ourselves, our families, communities, and the world. The soul journey helps us step along the path so that we can surmount these great peaks one by one. In the beginning there is the ‘me’ time that must be focused upon. As we grow, we recognize the loyalty and commitments we have to family. There comes a time when we desire from the heart to give back in some way to our communities. Finally comes the moment when we discover…I am here for a greater purpose…one that will allow me to feel connected to the greater expanse of the world.
All You have to do is BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion !!!
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