How are You BEING???

Hello Friends, The more individuals I coach, the more I find that people are depleting themselves, not allowing themselves the things THEY need to feel filled up. This, in combination with excess worry, trying to hard, and working to force outcomes is actually getting you nowhere. There comes a point called ‘surrender’…it is the point where what you are doing finally hurts bad enough that you throw up your hands and say…’I give up…I do not know what else to do…today I am just need to stop…I need to do something fun…something for me!’
    I am here to tell you that THAT is the very moment something will shift in your life! However, you truly have to reach the point of surrender, the place where you know your doing can only amount to as much as your BEING will allow. So, how are you ‘Being?’ Are you the hamster on the wheel? Are you doing all the ‘shoulds’ instead of all the ‘coulds’. Are you having any FUN?
    How about today, do something a little different. Feed your SELF in a new way. Give your SELF a moment to breathe and stretch and sigh…to move, and dance and beat a drum…Allow yourself to be nurtured and nourished with energy, touch and attention. Give YOURSELF that which you are so vigorously giving everyone and everything else in your life. I promise you all that stuff will still be there tomorrow IF you really want it…but YOU need to be with YOU today. After YOU have been with YOU, in a new way, you will see that some of that tomorrow stuff might not be what you really want…and then you can start LIVING the LIFE YOU TRULY DESIRE. All you have to do is BELIEVE…and Let GO…and let Go(o)d happen in your life.
Simran Singh