How Deep Will You Go…

Knowledge is imprinting. Understanding is deeper than knowledge. Wisdom is gained through experience… The presence to more than what you currently are.
The experience of life would reveal that each of us develops in layers. Initially we strive for knowledge; at times, to feel enough, to feel superior, or unknowingly being imprinted by the world around us. Knowledge in our early years is conditioning… branding… and brainwashing.
As time passes, and age is acquired, we search for a more visceral experience of knowledge. We seek to have something be seen, felt, heard and … understood. Understanding is deeper than knowledge because it has occurred through ones own volition of taking what was surface to bore it deeper into the mind and body. Understanding often is initiated by the ego’s quest to identify itself.
Wisdom is many layers deep. It stems from the soul, washing the mind and heart clean. It is the asking… an inquiry… the longing of contemplation fulfilled. Wisdom comes through experience. It is deepened by immersion. Wisdom continually fulfills the soul’s mission for life’s expansion of itself. Expansion will require greater leaps of faith, higher climbs and deeper valleys. Wisdom is within the cells. It’s alchemy transmutes DNA and accelerates chemical process. Wisdom is the gold for which we became human.
At each juncture of your life, ask yourself:

  • Do I seek Knowledge?
  • Do I seek Understanding?
  • Do I seek Wisdom?

And… recognize…

  • If I seek knowledge, I am an explorer of the mind. I skate upon the surface of life.
  • If I seek understanding, my ego desires to have more feeling within the heart. I create and swim amidst the waves of life.
  • If I seek wisdom, I answer the call of my soul; deepening presence to that which is my core. ¬†The dance of life occurs within the Universe that I AM.¬†Wisdom inherently knows to prove everything is in Love and Oneness with itself.

In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love… & Oneness
Life Mentor – Author – Speaker – Artist – 11:11 MEDIA Host & Publisher