Shall We Dance?

Darkness confronts Light, ‘shall we dance?’ Light bows, accepting. Darkness thinks it leads; discovering it has only been dancing with itself. Light gave the space to reveal its steps.
What is darkness but a partner of the Light? Inviting the Light to come forth, darkness guides and directs. It clarifies and fine tunes choices and actions. To believe that life has any other purpose than to reveal the complete spectrum of creation would mean that what appears was a mistake… The Angel of Darkness… is an angel nonetheless; as pure and loving as any other.
In any obstacle or challenge, it is important to take a step back. The ultimate purpose for incarnation is the mission and vision of the soul. Life’s experiences will lead you straight to, or around and around, in commitment to┬áthe soul’s vision. The challenge to the personality is embracing what shows up. The difficulty for the identity is in letting go of what is continually held on to. Chaos is the opportunity to molt out of the skin to awaken to a greater experience.
What are you most committed to? Whatever your answer is… is really okay. The soul will continually return to fulfill its vision. It has no attachment to time or space; it revels in experience. This does not mean you have to be completely serious about your personal growth or spirituality. In fact, seriousness will actually be a barrier to it. Your Lightness in spirit, in humor, in life… will lead you on life’s dance floor into new experiences and expressions. In your playfulness and softness, aim to be more and more conscious in thought, word, and action.
Whatever comes your way…

  • Loosen up and shimmy shimmy!
  • Shake it up… and lift yourself higher and higher!
  • Stomp your feet… and rock this life!
  • Allow the dips… to see what heaven looks like!
  • Take a flying leap… and move from dance to dance!

You will discover the dark will always catch you, lead you, guide you and release you to your next best place. Embrace this partner and you will discover it has been dancing with the star cause it was sent to be the one to teach you to dance!
In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love…. In Oneness,