I AM ENOUGH AS I AM…I am enough as I am…I do not need to do more, be more, have more, or achieve more. I am enough as I am. I do not need to look different, act differently or be different than I am.     Can you appreciate yourself for who you are in THIS right now moment? Can you take a breath and honor the place you are? Can you celebrate all of your accomplishments, successes, losses, and failures? Can you appreciate your unique features and regard them as a beauty all your own? Can you say…I AM ENOUGH AS I AM?
     There is no need to change anything. You do not to be more than you are. You do not need to do anything different. You do not have to measure your worth by what others think or how they respond. Their thoughts, actions and responses are THEIR issue…until you make them yours.
     You do not have to have more money in the bank, a larger house, a fancier car, a more perfect nose, or more bling. You do not have to buy presents, participate in activities you really do not like or withhold. It is alright to just be you.

  • Close your eyes.
  • Center yourself by taking three deep breaths.
  • Take one more deep inhale and release it with a resounding “A-h-h-h-h.
  • Begin as a whisper and repeat 5 times, increasing your voice each time: “I AM ENOUGH AS I AM”
  • Know this to be the truth of your being.
  • If any upset, doubt or confusion  occurs during the day, close your eyes and allow the statement to echo in your mind. Remember to breathe! And…

Believe… Beyond the Illusion!!!
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Warmest regards,
Simran Singh

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