In my defenselessness my safety lies…
What is it to be defenseless…to be vulnerable?
Sit with the two statements above for just a minute. Close your eyes and breathe in the statements. Feel within your body what they mean to you.
Do these words connote weakness?…or strength? Is your image of defenselessness and vulnerability a person being held hostage, a victim of violence, or a small child? If those are your thoughts, what has brought you to view these words in this manner? Would you ever choose to feel vulnerable and defenseless? How could it possibly serve you to be defenseless?….to be vulnerable? And, how could that place be ‘safe’?
A person held hostage…A victim of violence…A small child…
A person held hostage… How are the images any different than who you are today and how you live your life? The issue of ‘control’ over you life, trying to control others, and trying to control the outcomes of situations are what hold you hostage. Living in your head, trying to figure it out, just doing what it takes to make it through another day… Are you held hostage by your own hands? Are you held hostage by the level of ‘CONTROL’ you insist on having in your life? How often do you tell other people how it needs to be? How many times do you receive an answer, not like the way it sounds, and do what you think should be the solution?
A victim of violence… Where does violence show up in your life? and how? Is it the way you do not take care of yourself, your body, your health, your eating? Is it how you give… give… give and never ask for what you need? Is it keeping your mouth closed when you really want to say something or feel something? Is it beating yourself up about who you are, how you can’t do it right, are not good enough, are not worthy of, and are not perfect? Is it accepting less than you deserve because you don’t know what is around the corner?
A child… How often are you the child? When do you feel as if there is the need to be rescued, taken care of, or appeased? How often does the adult show up? How many times do you re-act instead of respond? How often do you re-n-act an issue from childhood and project that onto a current situation? When are the times you take responsibility, meaning to respond with ability…for YOUR life?
In my defenselessness my safety lies… To be vulnerable…
What would it take to just let go…to not have control…to not know what it is going to look like…and to not know how you may have to respond? Would you be willing to be vulnerable?…bare naked to the world?…just waiting and trusting.
Defenselessness and vulnerability stem from a deep source of strength. When you can live from from that place, you say to the world, “I am willing to reveal and open my heart to experience.” If you are in a space other than defenselessness, you are living from the head at all times. Life will be only black or white, right or wrong, good or bad. If you are living from the heart, life will become rich. It will not be without pain. However the experience of joy and pleasure will now be able to be fully experienced instead of blocked by the memory of old pain.
In my defenselessness my safety lies. I challenge you to live three days being open, vulnerable, and defenseless. I challenge you to ‘not control’ things. I challenge you to ‘not react’ to things. I challenge you to ‘experience the flow of life’ where you just let things happen for you. What would that look like? What would that feel like? Give it a try…
BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest Regards,
Simran Singh