In the Spirit of Discernment

We have arrived at a time where discernment is required on all levels. Be high-minded, not simply like-minded. Like-minded is the ego’s way of creating cliques. High minded is pushing your own ceiling of self-realization and growth.
Like-minded has become a term that is over used and not well-understood. In the land of Oneness, this too would be separation. It is a way to establish another type of club, a clique or group that becomes homogenized. Like minded rally around being all of the same mind; it does not necessarily mean growth. It is simply a way to have a group of people confirm what you believe, so you can be right. Ahhh, the ego is a trickster. There is nothing wrong with like-mindedness; it is a choice. But is there a place that allows greater discernment of self-growth?
Being high-minded is different. It is individual, meaning that you are always seeking the highest available awareness. It may or may not be the popular choice, but it will lead to the highest possible choice for you. In being this way, you become neutral with all others, and welcoming all perspectives. In this embrace of all, you experience greater Oneness. YOU also open to the ability to achieve greater and greater high-mindedness, because you are a witness — not better than, critical, or judgmental — by default.
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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