Attaining Freedom

Narcissism is an issue that plagues all areas, even spirituality. Narcissists are here for a variety of reasons. And, if in direct contact with one… there is much to learn about yourself. These individuals are…
here to assist us in understanding 5 specifics things:

  1. The importance of personal responsibility.
  2. The necessity of empathetic listening.
  3. The deepening for compassion of those around us.
  4. The polarity between selfless – selfish – self obsession and self care.
  5. The understanding for balance of inner and outer focus.

They teach us these not because of their illustration in living out their lives in this way, but in their ability to be addictive, projection oriented personas that lack empathy and compassion.
Narcissistic individuals are the most  deeply wounded. They are also the most charming, needing to fabricate lies, stories and images to suit their agendas for dominance and the unending need for self-validation. They have an inability for self-work and a constancy for pathological lies. They feel that everything is ownership, even people; and will stop at nothing for revenge. Their lesson and gift, to those who get caught within their web, is one of awareness for boundaries, self-care and self-worth. They are here so that we step into our own empowerment, stay true to our hearts and souls, and protect the innocent; particulate the young ones; to the ability we can. They utilize methods of emotional and psychological abuse; financial and physical abuse. The unfortunate side is that most people walk past these individuals turning a blind eye as to how they treat others, the corruption of their actions and the ability to brainwash young and old. The sad part is when the law and government fall victim to their wiles, empowering their mal-intent and rewarding their ability to manipulate the system. This is an extreme, and unfortunately becoming all too common. These behaviors exist in many domestic violence cases. They exist in societies where oppression and violence are utilized as the norm. They are the case in the issues of bullying that are increasing; and in gun violence.
I raise this issue because we are rearing a society of young people who are grounding within foundations of entitlement… and have been deemed narcissists. Albeit some bit of narcissism exists in any person with an ego and ambition. However, when humans lose sight of humanity… we are going to have some real problems; as if we do not already,
How can we help By doing the things listed in Points 1-5. By modeling and doing our own work, we assist future generations in being released from having to live out experiences to balance what has been shown to them. They will always mirror us…  What we see is what we are to getting about ourselves. Support our youth, by doing your own work. Attaining freedom is really done from within… and that will mirror as the future of our youth… our country… our world.
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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