The greatest place of fear for most individuals is not what they consider their worst nightmare, losing everything or everyone they have, or even having absolutely everything they could possibly desire. It does not lie in love or lack of it, disease or health, poverty or wealth…not even life or death. For all people, unconsciously, the greatest place of fear is within the stillness of their own minds, away from all activity and thought…just present to the moment and themselves. It is in that place one must accept themselves as part of the allness that exists in the eachness of all that is…and ‘that place’ is the ‘true source’ of ‘power’ and ‘command’!

     For most people the most difficult concept in the world is to ‘Be’. To just ‘Be’ means to be able to exist without any activity, thought, image, attitude, or want. ‘Being’ is simply presence to who one is and the acknowledgement of resting exactly where you are. However, ‘being’ is without thought so there is no contemplation on the subject of who one is or where one sits or in what capacity. So then? It means you just be…you are at rest just as a rock, the mountains, or a simple grain of sand; just sitting amongst all that exists with no agenda to move or do. It is allowing no force from within you to cause movement of any kind… And no force outside of you can disturb the essence of your meaning.
     Contemplate your average day. Reflect over how busy you have to be…how busy you ‘think’ you have to be. Whether it is cleaning the home, doing laundry, watching tv, working, exercising, reading, or simply twiddling your thumbs, why is there a need to have activity? Does activity mean ‘value’? Is that what you equivocate to the receival of love or adoration? Does activity mean being resistant and not wanting to look at who you really are? Is it a mechanism in which you can deny your authentic self and deny the inherent power you were born with and destined to reveal? Is it a way to distance yourself from true success, passion and desire? Does activity define you? Is it your personality, ego, image, life or death?
     So what if all activity were taken away? What if you were placed in a room with absolutely nothing; no furniture, no books, no toys…just walls, a floor, and a ceiling? Would your thoughts run through you? How long would it be before there were no thought? Can you sit in the stillness?
     One would think this would be very simple…to sit quielty in a room without a care, worry or thought. However the ego does not want us to find that place. The chatter of the mind is how the ego grabs an individuals attention and focus and keeps that person from truly seeing what is real and true. The ego likes to keep people small, running, and locked in their insecurities and doubts. This is what sustains it…gives it life. If people were to begin to practice the art of stillness for just fifteen minutes a day, the ego would slowly wither away. It would no longer have control over ‘your’ world.
     What would replace ego is connection to a source of infinite power and intelligence. You would go beyond your own surface level of ego and find that you are an individual living universe in our own right. There would be awareness and revelation of the answers to problems that plague society, cures for the diseases that infect the world, and peacefulness to rest over and envelop the chaos that inhabits the mind.  But that entails a level of commitment that is lacking from much of the human species.
     Commitment is what most individuals are looking for in their lives. They is a desire for commitment from a partner, a job, friends, family, community, government, etc… A level of commitment is desired from everyone and everything in order to have a sense of safety in order to feel secure in knowing that people are going to say what they will do and do what they will say.
     But when do you do that for yourself? In expectation of commitment from so much that is outside of you, where do you demand commitment from the one person you can control…YOU? And how often do you allow yourself to break commitments to others…to YOURSELF? How often do you dishonor, neglect, abuse, and discount who you are by not keeping a promise, compromising, or staying quiet about how you feel?
     Stillness is the ultimate commitment to YOU. It is the inherent statement that you value the presence and existence of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body enough to just allow it to be placed upon the stage, with a spotlight, garnering your own recognition. It is the moment in time where no thing and no one exists other than YOU. Have you ever considered starting each morning and ending each day with this type of recognition for yourself? How would your life change if you did?
I offer that you try it…for forty days, honor yourself by allotting 15 minutes to you in the morning when you first awaken…and then in the evening just before you retire. If you miss a day, honor yourself enough to begin the process over again, not judging that you missed but appreciating that you are willing to begin again out of love for yourself. As you sit in the silence, if thoughts come, do not dwell on them, acknowledge them and let them pass returning again to stillness. Let it be a time of relaxation. Give the gift of YOU to YOU…only then can you truly give of yourself to others.
Watch your world transform…
Watch your perspectives change…
Watch your interpretations of life be approached differently…
Watch your sense of well being, health, and joy increase…
All you have to do is…
BELIEVE…Beyond The Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh