Have you ever experienced times in your life where things seem stale? Have you come to a point where life has become mundane; an endless cycle of the same people, the same things, the same problems…over and over again? Have you been waiting for something to change? Do you imagine your world being completely different; new surroundings, new atmosphere, new people, new outlook…
     Often times we settle into our lives, the ones we chose…asked for…wished for. Then, all of a sudden, it really wasn’t what we thought it would be. It becomes an endless cycle of the same. The jobs seem more, the criticisms come from everywhere, the expectations of others increase, the pressure, the stress…the joy wanes. There is a monotony that laces situations, lifestyles, and interactions. Perhaps you find yourslef yawning a little more, feeling more tired, anticipation the negative outcome and losing the passion for life.
     The usual routine unfolds, day after day. You wake up, go to work, meet the same people, do the same job, go home, figure out what to eat that is easy, tiredly spend time with the family, and go to bed, not getting the restful sleep you crave…just to do it all over again. Where is the excitement…the passion…the energy…the zest for life…the will to live?
     It has gotten hidden under the muck and mire of ‘supposed to’, ‘should’, ‘expected to’, ‘the responsible thing’ and ‘the practical thing is’. It has placed a veil of illusion over your eyes and mind stating that you cannot have what you want in life because you have to give so much to others: your boss, your spouse, the kids, the parents, friends, society… When you have given so much of yourself away, how are you supposed to have anything left to give yourself. You have completely depleted your life levels.
     So what is one to do…how do you re-energize yourself…how do you fill yourself up…how do you increase your life levels and will to truly live and love. It is a five step process:

  • Begin to breathe deeply (not the shallow breath into the lungs but the deep breath into your core) . Inhale slowly filling up your abdomen and slowly exhale. Inspire your life through the life source of the breath, giving your body the conscious commitment to energize!
  • Take ten minutes a day in the morning and evening to ‘be still’. Sit in the ‘silence’ of yourself finding the place of ‘no thought’ so that you may connect to a greater sea of consciousness and a greater peace. You owe yourself  at least this much!
  • Clean up your life! Go through your home and move it around. Clean out closets, garages, cabinets, and cupboards. Get rid of the things that have been sitting or hold old dusty memories. Remove the stale energy from your home. Rearrange the furniture to give yourself a new look for life. This process gets your living space breathing again.
  • Make conscious choices towards activities that make you happy! It may be a belly dancing class, scrapbooking, a sport, or painting. It might be taking a walk or going for a swim. It could be swinging on a swing set, playing in the mud, or playing with legos. let your inner child play! Commit to having something of your own. We are creative beings that must create to enliven our spirits. Find what you can be passionate about and let it ressusitate you!
  • Begin a ‘Gratitude Journal’. Just before you go to sleep every night, write down the things that occurred dring the day in which you are grateful for. This simple act allows us to remember the gentle acts of kindness, the pieces of play, the sparks of joy, and the ways of compassion that touch our lives.

     Instilling these five new activities into your life will completely transform your experience of living. You will notice a change as will the people around you. Too many people make the mistake of waiting for someone else to make them happy, create excitement in their lives, and show them how to live. You are the writer of this script. You choose what kind of experience you will have. It is time to stir up the energy and re-create your existence. Every step of the way…you have the gift of being able to choose what you want.
What do you want?
What are you willing to do to get there?
Do you deserve to have joy…passion…excitement…abundance…in your life?
Re-vive youself and live each moment in conscious choice, conscious activity, and conscious living!
BELIEVE…Beyond The Illusion!!!
and you can have whateve your heart desires!!!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh