School begins this week for thousands of children in South Carolina and around the country. It is when they become conscious that summer is over and it is time to get back in gear.  As they begin their steps to greater learning and understanding, isn’t it a wonderful reminder to remain conscious of learning as well. Enroll in the school of self-study. It is the greatest education you will ever attain…
     As our five year olds begin their first steps into the real world, other age groups continue their learning, high school grads embark on a new level of education, and many adults return to school for higher degrees of learning, the simple idea of expansion and growth are what become present.
     Life is an endless cycle of learning. It is a beautiful journey of discovery and understanding and for the most part of our younger lives is focused upon subjects, places, people, and things outside of ourselves. However, the one area that is a constant realm of education involves the landscape of our own personal existence.
     Many people start to question their purpose in life or reason for existence between the ages of 33 and 45. This is the unconscious dawning of desire to know more about the inside world as opposed to the outside world. After 50, often termed the wisdom years, is when people truly realize that all of the answers to the questions and complexities within life rest within themselves. So many begin the journey of self-study intently at that time.
      There is no time like the present, when one can begin study on the greatest mystery of life…oneself. Follow the lead children have provided and go back to school…self study school.
Reflect on actions, reactions, and perceptions. Ask why you do the things you do and how you may do some things differently. Spend time in reading, writing, and adding up all of the positives and negatives. Give yourself a gold star for who you have been and how far you have come. Set the bar for achieving the next level. grow beyond what you perceive as being capable of.
This is your life. Who are you? What do you want? Do you need to change directions? Can you define within yourself integrity, self-worth, confidence, balance, honesty, forgiveness, and compassion? Can you experiment with ways to play, be creative,  and participate in healthy extra-curricular activities?
Become the student and know that everyone in your world is your teacher. Recognize each moment as an opportunity to know yourself at a deeper level. In the end, you will find that graduation is a level of peace, balance, trust, cooperation, surrender, and being.
Become the student and allow the natural flow of life to move through you. If only you…
BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh