Why does he always leave dishes on the counter? She knows that bothers me, yet she keeps on doing it. I want things this way or I am leaving. He never sees it from my end. I want someone that focuses on me, but all she does is focus on herself. I am not going to act this way toward you until you behave this way toward me first. All I really want is to be cherished…just cherished by one person in the world…is that too much to ask?       It is pretty amazing how the actions of people outside of ourselves can take over the choice of joy or frustration within life. We put so much emphasis on “him” or “her” and what “he” or “she” is doing that it consummes the mind. As these thoughts become stronger, the chasm of separation deepens, causing more and more conflict on the outside but especially on the inside.
     We get so busy trying to fix, control, and mold someone else into who we think they should be, we forget that we might be the problem or at least our thoughts regarding the situation. All of a sudden everything that happens is “to us” instead of “through us”. The state of mind becomes burdened with stress and anxiety, conflict and fear, sadness and frustration covering up inherent qualities of joy, openness, and love. Instead of viewing “those” people as wrong doers or “the ones” that complicate life, what if we turn back to ourselves? What if the focus was on our own state of mind?
What if we asked these questions: “What part of me is that? What is my world reflecting back to me that is in need of healing? What am I being called to experience in this moment? What within my own state of mind needs to be searched out and neutralized? Is that my brother I am judging or simply another aspect of who I am?”
     False humility is the perspective that all is separate. False humility arises in the judging of another individual without the willingness to look at oneself first. When we judge another for something, whether it is their clothes, their, skin, their actions, their ability, their personality, their nature…what are we really judging about ourselves? How intolerant are we of ourselves and others?
The phrase “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” is really self encompassing. Are you willing to be angry at yourself…because you do so when you inflict anger on another. Are you willing to chastise yourself…you do so when you chastise another. Are you willing to be critical of how another lives their life…you criticize youself when you do this. So often, people are so ready to tell others how they need to change; perhaps when this message comes up for someone else…it is really meant for ourselves.
     In looking out the windows of your own soul, how separate from you are the individuals in your world? Would you extend a hand for someone in need, whether a family member or a homeless stranger? Do you see yourself in both of these people? And in seeing them, what are they really here to tell you to reflect upon?
     Would you give your blood for a dying soldier…that is fighting for your country? What about the one that was fighting against you? In your response, what is your state of mind telling you?
     Would you share your glass with another person even if it were the last bit of sustenance left in the world? Would it matter if you knew them or not? In that moment would it matter what color, staus, socio-economic class or education level they were? Would it matter if they acted ungrateful or drank the whole thing?
     Would you lay down your life in the experience of oneness and compassion, by changing who you are in order to experience another’s point of view? Would you view this as a sacrifice or the opportunity to experience another aspect of yourself?
     Could you be a witness to others, not judging their words or actions, but recognizing the inherent divine qualities that reside? Could you allow them to have their experience of life without getting riled up? This does not mean they get away with wrong doing, it means standing back in reverance of who they are at the essence, regardles of what their experience of life turns into? If it were a promiscuous woman? A boy on crack? A criminal? A murderer?
     When your mother, father, sister, brother, husband, or wife does something that really upsets or hurts, can you walk over in that minute and hug them, fully breathing in the following statement, “I love you especially for who you are in this moment. I cherish you most when you are at the place that triggers me with the deepest intensity. I recognize you as a soul that loves me enough to help me heal something within myself…that I may attain a peaceful state of mind.” 
     When will the time come that no other individual is regarded as separate, but as another aspect of the self that needs to be integrated? As the fragments of the mind come together to be whole…as the dark chasms of criticicm and judgment fill with the light of compassion and love, and as the different soul particles unite into oneness…we will become a beautiful healing field of energy.
     Could it be possible that all of humanity will converge into a beautiful beam of light once we truly become humanitarians unto one another. It can happen in an instant if we just…
BELIEVE…Beyond The Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh