Spring 2007 Fashion Trend Report

Although there may be ice on the trees, there are spring fashions blossoming in the stores. Spring 2007 proves to be an exciting feminine and provoking season, feeding into desires of luxe, girly, flirty, and comfort, all at the same time.

The season breaks down into several categories: ‘Olympic’, ‘Blossoming’, ‘Pin-up’ and ‘Voluminous’. Each trend has a definite style inherent to it but can span the spectrum of ages, personalities, and sizes that women abound in. The secret to the season is to sample and enjoy all of its offerings remembering that you are the only one limiting yourself. Designers have given us every option to discover new aspects of ourselves through apparel this season.

OLYMPIC — Whether is is speed skating, baseball, or skiing, fashion has taken its cue from the sports arena. The boys of summer have taken on a feminine style. Jersey inspired tops and tunics are detailed with piping, patches, numbers, and color blocking. The look is based on sophistication mixed with comfort and it spans the streets to the catwalk. Obviously designers have taken a cue from the youth in realizing comfort is key and does not have to compromise style. Many designers are pairing up luxe fabrications with the sports inspired items resulting in satin bombers, velour tunics, and sequin embellishment. Grab your jersey and pair it with leggings or slip into the comfort of a ski inspired wind suit. It is the new country club casual. Come on ladies…let’s get physical!

The ‘1940’s Pin-up girl’ is back with a vengeance. Look out girls, Bettie Page is here to teach you all about leg. It is not a wonder with the sightings of pencil shorts in the last year that the hemlines would start rising. Also with the re-emergence of the dress as the new staple, it is only fitting that a hybrid come about…introducing The Romper! Expect Spring 2007 to abound with whimsy from rompers to hot pants. It is leg, leg, and more leg on the runways. Accent these with strong shoulders and feminine attitude for your own twist as a pin-up of the day. Shorts will vary from just above the knee to the bottom baring hot pant of the 70’s for those who dare. It is all about attitude as these little nothings are paired with anything from sleek shirtings to suit-y toppers. The look is young, sleek and sexy bring the little girl vixen back on the stage. Look out boys…you are about to get walked all over!

Balloons, umbrellas, tents, and parachutes…You may think I am speaking of outdoor activities but it is all about the dress season. Volume is the key influence for this strong staple. The dress has returned as a very important part of a woman’s wardrobe. It is the piece that illustrates confidence. Why? Because it stands on its own making the wearer have to project their personality to the fullest. The dress is simply an extension of it. Spring 2007 is a step back in time in terms of shape but there is nothing old about it. The voluminous shapes are pure femininity and softness. It is a resurgence of the power inherent to women and the ability to be ‘the girly girl’. The swingy shape allows for comfort but also is a way for designers to really experiment with a variety of fabrications from tulle and chiffon to netting, organza, and batiste. Skirt silhouettes can be simple and sleek or involve pleating, gathers, or rouching. Hi fashion couture is also showcasing rich fabrics such as duchess satin and brocades for special occasion wear. Whether it is over bare leg or as a topper on leggings, the dress is a must have this season…and the more of it the better. Swing, dance, fly, and pirouette in a style that is all your own…take flight this season in a voluminous shape!

The final category this season is ‘Blossoming’. It is not the flowers your grandmother used to wear but the illustration of the multi dimensionality that ‘Woman’ is. Take a moment to adorn yourself with the artful three dimensional creations of the seasons: from petals to leaves… to rose buds and beaded bouquets. Flowers bloom this season to let you feel like a flower blossoming.

Every season, new fashion emerges in order to assist us in the experience of ourselves. Fashion is not to be feared but to be dived into so that you may explore the many aspects of yourself desiring to be revealed. Allow yourself the grandeur of who you are…without care…without worry, and without judgment. Learn not to take life so seriously and stand in that power to be an example to others that we are truly here just to have a good time. Let Spring 2007 be that for you…experience yourself as your own party! Experience the unlocking of the facets within you to be a gift not only to yourself but a gift to the world! Step into Spring 2007…the Year of YOU!!!

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest Regards,

Simran Singh