What is your personal belief about what life can hold for you? What is it that you think you are entitled to…or deserve? Is that something you tell yourself only to follow it with thoughts of how you are not good enough…or just not lucky enough for that to happen in your life?

Unfortunately we grow up with the consciousness that there is a limited amount and everyone has to compete for their share. As children, we are taught that we must be the best otherwise get left behind. When it comes to ourselves, it is the approach of ‘look out for number one’ or be left empty handed. In business, we are guided by the premise of outdoing, outselling, outbidding, and taking over the customer base because there might not be enough if there are others that provide the same service or product. We look at the world focusing on the poverty, war, famine, and destruction of natural resources. We see a world that is becoming smaller and smaller with less and less to offer an ever-growing population and demand.

With our hands so full of beliefs in lack, competition, need, want, and desperation…how can there be room for anything else? If your day to day focus is on the bills, stress, or the lack of passion or joy within your life…then what else do you expect to experience? There is no room for anything else to occur.

If you are holding bags of garbage, empty boxes, cartons of old files, suitcases of prior relationships and you come across a beautiful rare plant ready to blossom but have no more room in your hands to carry anything, what would you do? Are you ready to let go of what is not serving you to experience the beauty of new growth? Are you willing to empty your hands so that you may embrace something different…something beautiful…something unknown?

For many people, this would be a struggle. It is so easy to sit in the misery of what we know. It is more comfortable to be uncomfortable than to step out on a limb for ourselves and just be open to a new experience. Why? Because something inside of us tells us we do not deserve to be that happy…that successful…or that whole. Something tells us that if we let go of all of the ‘stuff’ we have carted around for so many years, we will be letting go of the identity that we have come to believe in…that has become our security blanket. It means letting go of the excuse used when we get too scared to step out of the box. It becomes easy to reel off the many reasons why we cannot, should not, could not, will not, don’t have, or can’t undertake something at the time. What if we fail? What would everyone say?

Even an attempt resulting in perceived failure is a success because it involves the act of trying something new. True failure occurs when one cannot step beyond their self-inflicted limitations.

So, are you ready to put down all that you perceive to be your reality? Can you just walk away from everything you believe to be your happiness? Will you allow yourself to step out of what you think you should do…what is considered practical…what is reflective of other’s opinions of you? Can you empty your hands?

If you choose to embrace a position of power, where you are open to receive what the universe has to offer, then you create a gateway for energy to move on your behalf. In emptying the hands, you make a declaration to the world that you are open and available to experience new growth and opportunity. You avail yourself of a new consciousness that buys into the idea that there is enough for all. In approaching life from this perspective you will begin to attract the people and things to assist you in creating more abundance in your life.

The simple act of emptying your hands…your minds…your consciousness is actually the filling up of the belief that you do deserve everything. It is stepping out of the ‘doing’ and ‘controlling’ of life to the ‘being’ and ‘allowing’ instead…

Can you…Empty Your Hands?

And…what does that mean to you?

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest Regards,

Simran Singh